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A few days ago Instagram showed me a 3 year anniversary thing of bending a blue nail in a single #ironmind pad, then it got stuck in my head, haven't tried that in a while. Here's a #fatbastardbarbellco 9/32"×7" CRS bar in one imp. Just checking in on my pain tolerance, get those clicks out of my knuckles (you might not want to listen to that) and I'm good to go. Probably wouldn't try it as a warmup bend next time though. #steelbending #nailbending #shortbarbending #gripstrength #gripchat #gripsport Edit: forgot about the rest. New red nail in imps no bands, took a breather at about 90*. Might have put 0.5* in FBBC 5/16×7 crs hex, got a few degrees into 5/16×7 stainless, both with FBBC wraps. Those will keep me busy for a while.

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