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Mo grippers. I am still working my way back up on these bastards. I am trying a less is more approach, similar to Morgan Choi. . Here is my best left hand attempt at a GHP8 rated 174. I think I will get this when I try it again next week. I just need to do it before I do my kettlebell work and allow for longer rest periods. . When your grip work is pinch intensive, you can afford to do it after things like pullups and kettlebells that call mostly upon your finger flexors. Support lifts and grippers are another story. You will definitely fatigue in your workout if you pre-exhaust the muscles you are going to use. . Not to say that pre-exhaustion necessarily always a bad thing, but for me, I would rather hit my heavy grip work fresh, so that my expectations for my own strength are realized in the reps. Feeling weak can hamper confidence, which can reduce CNS drive for me. A bad combo. . #grip #gripsport #gripstrength #armlifting #армлифтинг #pinch #grippers #captainsofcrush #thickbar #fatgripz #handhealth #gillingham #gillinghamhp

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