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ELEIKO ANTI-ROLL DISCS We are thrilled to announce the new Eleiko Anti-Roll Discs. Facilities all over the world struggle with issues relating to rolling barbells with weights on them. We all remember Mattie Rogers and when the barbell escaped her, smashing the glass entrance of her gym. These discs are so cleverly designed that you won’t even need a disc rack to store them in – they can stand entirely on their own. They are much easier to load onto a barbell, you save at least 30 seconds per change of weights. Due to a bigger landing surface, the bounce factor is also decreased by 30%. Imagine cats that always land on their feet, same principle with these discs. The discs are also easier to transport (less air in cardboard packages) and optimized for being stacked on pallets. And best of all, they are impossible to roll. "We tried to think inside the box when designing this product and took inspiration from the fact that the earth is round but it used to be flat. We are really proud to introduce this fantastic disc", says Henrik Olsen, R&D Project Leader at Eleiko. #weightlifting #powerlifting #flatearth #smartertraining @iwfnet #astrongerworld #strongishappy #innovation #releasedtoday #raisethebar #eleiko #victory #strong #defineyourstrong

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