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  2. Sun (5/3) DU - IMPs 1/4 x 6.5" HRS 1/4 x 6.5" O1 1/4 x 6.5" 1045 1/4 x 5.75" Grade 5 Horseshoes SCF Lite Plain #0 SSP 8x18 #000 Grippers - 20mm (1x3) Trainer (1x3) #1.5 (1x3) GHP5 - 111 (1x1) RB 210 - 120 A few weeks ago, I started ramping-up my shoe bending to make one last run at my nemesis shoe, the SSP #000. I've been haunted by this thing since 2012, when I got one to about 160 degrees in a cert. attempt. There were dozens over the years in the "barely wobble" to 140 degree range. But tonight, I bent one to just over 180 degrees. I wasn't planning on making an attempt at one, but the Lite Plain #0 felt easy right before it and was destroyed. I figured I would see what happened. This was not a cert attempt, but would have passed if I would have documented everything. I don't think this will really sink-in for several weeks. I felt for many years that there was NO WAY I would ever bend or finish this shoe, and as I got older, the probability of it happening seemed near-impossible. But I bent it and this was a multi-year goal checked-off. Now I just need to document and get another one for a cert. attempt.
  3. climber511

    Fat Gripz bar hang challenge June 2020

    Rules say nothing about straps LOL. You might want to include that
  4. Fri (5/1) Standing Axle Press (1x5) bar (1x5) 85 (1x5) 125 (1x3) 155 (1x1) 190 Axle Curls (1x5) bar (1x5) 55 (1x5) 85 (1x5) 110 Neutral-grip Pull-ups (2x8)
  5. Wed (4/29) Sumo Deadlift (1x3) 135 (1x2) 225 (1x1) 315 add briefs (1x1) 405 (1x1) 425 (1x1) 475
  6. Tue (4/28) Standing Barbell Press (1x5) bar (1x5) 95 (1x3) 135 (1x2) 165 (1x1) 190 Pull-ups (2x7) Lying Kettlebell Extensions (2x12) 20 Grippers - 20mm (1x3) #1 (1x3) HG 200 - 95 (1x3) #2 - 108 (1x2) RB 240N - 117
  7. Mon (4/27) Leg-up Bench Press (1x3) 135 (1x3) 185 (1x3) 225 (1x3) 260 (1x1) 305 Axle Curls (1x8) bar (1x8) 65 (1x8) 85 (1x8) 100 Band Pushdowns (2x20)
  8. Fist of Fury

    Bending log

    Tuesday 2/6/20 Tried some DO in single pads today 7x152 mm in suedes - got it down right under 2". This was a pain tolerance bend, haven't bent much in suedes in a while and I guess my hands are getting soft. 1/4x6" Grade 8 bolt rated 204 kg in IMP's - This was the only one of these I had, wish I had more, this was a good challenge bend for me, way harder than the 190 kg. Was not a good day today, didn't do any full body work, only warmup for hands and shoulders. Going to the gym tomorrow, hopefully.
  9. Wannagrip

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome @A Wee Scot ! Welcome @Emmanouil Marizas !
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  11. Emmanouil Marizas

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello to everyone! I am Emmanouil Marizas, founder and president of Armlifting Greece. The Gripsport/Armlifting is known and developing very fast in Greece since December 2017, when i brought the first equipment here. I am very proud of the development of the sport in our country so far. I am also very happy to become member of this community and i hope to achieve many feats of gripstrength in the future.
  12. Kluv#0

    Fat Gripz bar hang challenge June 2020

    FG BWT hang 55 seconds. Pronated and thumb wrapped grip. BWT w/ shoes, etc. 228 lbs. Hope by EOM show nice improvement in time.
  13. A Wee Scot

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello folks, My name is Jason I am 22 and hail from the sunny kingdom of Scotland, I'm about 165-170lbs year round, pretty average paws 7.5", I've been into grip for a few months now and have developed a tad of a obsession in that short time. I really like bending nails and most of the aspects of grip. I would love to do a competition in the future when I've built up a little bit more strength and right now I am focused on training for the IRONMIND crushed to dust challenge
  14. mcalpine1986

    Getting back into grip.

    Bw 170lbs Dips Bw 3x20 Bw x15 Bwx14 Plate curls 15lbsx10 L+R 17lbs(15lbs +2lbs plate*) x10 L+R 19lbs(15lbs + 2x2lbs plates*) x10 L+R 21lbs(15lbs + 3x2lbs plates) x6 L+R 21lbs(15lbs + 3x2lbs plates) x8 L+R 19lbs(15lbs + 2x2lbs plates*) x10 L+R Plate wrist curls 15lbs x10 L+R 17lbs(15lbs +2lbs plate*) x15 L+R 19lbs(15lbs + 2x2lbs plates*) x10 L+R 19lbs(15lbs + 2x2lbs plates*) x7 L 8R 19lbs(15lbs + 2x2lbs plates*) x6 L+R 17lbs(15lbs +2lbs plate*) x7 L 10 R * only 2lbs but 8" diameter.
  15. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    Tuesday Close Grip Bench Press - Speed to 110-kilos x 5 x 6 reps Two Hand Pinch Faffed about with 97.7-kilos x 3 rp, 2, 3 ns and 1 reps
  16. bruce1337

    Siamak's grip journey

    Deload week HB squat: 50kg 3x5 slow eccentric, fast concentric Bench: 50kg 3x5 slow reps 40kg close grip 5x10 Machine rows: 50kg 3x10 2" Wrist Wrench: 25kg x8, 22.5kg 3x8, 20kg 3x8
  17. Ricochet

    Popeye! A Training Log

  18. king crusher

    Corona Virus thoughts

    Off topic but why do you need a N95 mask, or any mask, to cut the grass?
  19. Behind on posting. I had my medial school COMLEX level 1 boards exam on Friday and then spent the entire weekend moving. My forearms were pretty sore yesterday from carrying things, but after climbing two flights of stairs a zillion times my calves are so tight I can barely walk. I probably won't have access to a gym or weights for a while, so it's back to bodyweight exercises. 😪 Monday Floor press 137x10x5 (lb x reps x sets) Steel bending overhand 1/4 x 6" grade 5 bolt in leather with bands (380) 9/32 x 7" CRS in BBW without bands (330) 60d nail x 3 in leather with bands 20d nail x 3 in leather with bands Gripper chest crush 133x5x5 Took me a few tries to figure out how to put some padding on the handles so that they still touched. Bruised my palms a little, but I need to work on my crush. Wednesday Zercher squat 137x8x3 Steinborn squat 187 fail 137x1 (on the third try) Last workout with the borrowed plates before I had to return them, figured I would do something silly with them before I gave them back. Thursday Steel bending overhand 5/16 x 6" grade 2 bolt (400) 9/32 x 5.5" CRS (420) 60d nail x 3 in leather with bands 20d nail x 3 in leather with bands Grade 2 bolt went down super easy, the 5.5" bar freaking sucked though. Kink and sweep were easy for me as always, but the crush probably took me 15-20 minutes to go from ~2.25" to 1.75". I had to keep taking the padding off to check if it was done, re-chalk my hands, and try a different technique. Finishing off this bar felt about as difficult as finishing the Bastard I did a few weeks ago. I was over the time limit for a cert, but this was a PR for sure. Need to try to bend another Bastard in a few weeks and see if I can get it down to under five minutes for the FBBC cert, although under one minute would be pretty cool as an indicator for the IronMind cert (and instagram).
  20. Hubgeezer

    The Newest Mashmonster - Level 3 - Stephen Anderson

    Mr. Anderson, we see you are back. Just because we could hear the loud click of handles in our section of the Universe, rest assured that we are still watching you very carefully: PS Powerful close. I was witness for Clay Edgin's MM3, and Clay, a Legendary Grip Monster, did not close the MM3 anywhere near decisively as you did Mr Anderson. You very well may be The One.
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  22. Mike Rinderle

    Corona Virus thoughts

    Yep. Around the world: CardiovascularDisease kills 49,000 per day worldwide, Cancer: 26,000, TB: 3,014, Hepatitis B: 2,430, Pneumonia: 2,216, AIDS 2,110. I didn't see any of those on there.
  23. Buccos1

    10 years of (bi-weekly) Ironmind Red Nail bends

    Sun (4/26) DO - IMPs 1/4 x 7" O1 1/4 x 7" Grade 5 Red Nail
  24. Hopefully

    My grip adventure

    Too much work, but would have been great 5 years ago. Pretty cool how your situation turned out though 👍
  25. Sun (4/26) DO - IMPs 1/4 x 7" O1 1/4 x 7" Grade 5 Red Nail Horseshoe Diamond Classic #0
  26. Sat (4/25) Squats (1x3) 135 (1x2) 225 (1x1) 275 (1x1) 315 add briefs (1x1) 405 (1x1) 425 (1x1) 455 (1x1) 475 Walk-outs (1x1) 525 (1x1) 545 My top few reps on squats felt strong, so I decided to do some heavier walkouts. Not used to having that much on my back which aggravated my neck a little. Not really a fan of them, but try to work them in every so often. Years back, after walking-out 600, 525 felt "light" right afterwards.
  27. Fri (4/24) Standing Axle Press (1x5) bar (1x5) 85 (1x3) 125 (1x3) 155 (1x1) 185 Ironmind Hub (1x1) 40 (1x1) 50 (1x1) 55 (1x1) 60 Neutral-grip Pull ups (2x10) Pushups (1x40)
  28. Thur (4/23) Horseshoe Diamond Classic #0 SCF Lite Plain #1 DU - IMPs 15/64 x 6" O1 1/4 x 5" HRS 18/64 x 7" O1 1/4 x 6.25" Grade 5 Grippers - MMS (1x10) Trainer (1x10) #1.5 (1x10) GHP4 - 94 (1x10) #2 - 102 Pull-ups (2x7)
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