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  2. Joseph Sullivan

    Mid-Summer Grip Classic - July 20th, 2019

    Sounds good!
  3. Eric Roussin

    Mid-Summer Grip Classic - July 20th, 2019

    All to a crossbar. Flask to 7.5”, Wrist Wrench to 6”, Mini Inch Pinch to 6”. In the medley, I’ll be looking for control over the implement rather than a set height.
  4. Joseph Sullivan

    Mid-Summer Grip Classic - July 20th, 2019

    Eric, don’t know if this was asked, answered or listed in this thread, are these all full lock out lifts? Cross bar? Forgive me if this was already asked and answered in advanced! Joe
  5. AdamTGlass

    Arm Lifting Log

    15.7.19 lift at the Edge, body weight 209 lb. teo hand pinch 2.5” FBBC Saxon bar 193-1, 203-1, 213-1, 223-1, 233-1, 243-1, 253-1, 258-1, 263-1-8 (pr reps at weight) 268-1-2, 270-1-2 pr reps over 253 lb ironmind axle loaded with 25’s 235-1, 285-1, 335-1, 365-1-9
  6. Yesterday
  7. Shoggoth

    The Shoggoth Basement

    July 15, 2019 Before Supper Week 4. Bleh Squat wu to 188k(189.5k) x 5 x 3r Pause Squat 160/165/170k x 3 x 3r GHR plus 1 chain x 8/7/6 D-Ball Load 225 x 5 x 1r Between Squat Sets RDL w/FG 135 x 3 x 8r Deadlift w/FG 225 x 3 x 3r LBH 110.2 x 3 x 3r 1HP 2x35’s 3 x 2r
  8. Danny Young

    FBBC 8" by 3/8" HRS (single IMPs)

  9. Boulderbrew

    WAL 504

    I agree, I think Dave wins match number one simply due to his initial hit and greater power. Devon will bleed him in the next three rounds. Higher table IQ goes to Devon. The only gottcha might be that Devon''s defense does not seem to be as strong catching those first hits anymore. In his WAL 505 predictions video Devon admits that he was fresh when he lost to Danny Tesch in Australia. Danny is much smaller than Devon...they just eased into the match and Danny seemed stronger. That being said, Devon looked better against Michael Todd than Dave did. Should be a fun one!
  10. Fist of Fury

    The Telekinesis Log

    Sunday 14/7/19 Vulcan orange spring 20 mm block - 250 reps Monday 15/7/19 Morning 1HP 90 mm - a few sets of 1-3 reps COC#3.5 - one attempt RH, pretty good, crush should be in the high 150's. A few BTR singles with L&R hand. Evening Vulcan gripper 20 mm block Lvl 16 - couldn't set it in either hand Lvl 15 - 1 rep LH & 0 reps RH Lvl 12 - 16 reps L&R Lvl 11 - 20 reps RH & 24 reps LH Lvl 6 - 39 reps LH & 43 reps RH Inch Trainer 60 kg - 4 reps RH + 9 reps LH + 5 reps RH
  11. Not trolling. Thanks for the link. I do not visit here often these days.
  12. Kluv#0

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    Strong as always Aaron!!
  13. Kluv#0

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    Nice job Shawn! I like that device:)
  14. David_wigren

    WAL 504

    Ok, I’m going to throw ALOT of wild guesses in my predictions😅. Allen Fisher vs Jamie Sheldon - Jamie takes it 3-0. I think Allen have finally lost the fight against father time. He’s still amazingly strong. But not strong enough for Sheldon. I think Sheldon takes it, regardless where the match goes. Inside, outside, it won’t matter. Ryan Bowen vs Alan Guerra - I’ve been a Ryan believer ever since I saw him take Justin Bishops hand in a supermatch last year. Sure he still lost, but just the fact that he was able to put a dent at all meant that he has serious power in his hand. And this year he’s going even stronger. I had him as the favorite to win the bottom 8, which he did. However, this time I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew. I think Alan will be too much for Ryan. Alan takes it 3-0 over poor Ryan (I hope I’m wrong though). Malin Kleinsmith vs Fia Reisek - Fia is stronger, no doubt. Fia has won every single right hand match they’ve ever pulled. Fia has the experience with WAL-rules. Fia is the favorite for sure. However I think Malin is hungrier than ever. Malin wins 3-2 over Fia. Fia wins every time the match stops and Malin wins with a flash every time she gets the start on Fia. Sylvain Perron vs Matt Mask - I know nothing about Sylvain. Therefore I think Mask will win😂. Dave Chaffee vs Devon Larratt - I’m starting to think Chaffee is overrated. Sure, he won against Trubin. But then again, Trubin seems to struggle with everyone these days so maybe he was overrated aswell? I think Larratt wins 3-1. Chaffee wins the first round. Larratt wins every following round.
  15. KapMan

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    Realized the video cut. Thats 55 pounds on the device
  16. Mike Rinderle

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    You definitely don't want to over separate! 😂
  17. Mike Rinderle

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    Strong! Especially on the dumbbell axle at the end of a grip workemout
  18. acorn

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    My rows from this weekend. 2" db handle, 160#. Did them at the end of a 2hr. Pinch and thickbar workout hence the soaked through shirt.
  19. KapMan

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    GG keypinch device used for rows. Not a ton of weight, but you don't need a bunch to make it hard. My gym lacks the dumbbells and plates to really throw in on some heavy stuff. So. Getting creative. GG rows
  20. Aleksandar Milosevic

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    I'm glad to see that everyone here is very strong at rows, they separate the men from the boys. My bicepsES are killing me today, so I probably won't do heavy rows for another year
  21. FrankSobotka

    Franks basement/garage grip journey

    Thanks! Stuff has been going pretty well lately
  22. Pretty sure the person who asked is a troll. But to answer your question, Joe Kinney's best close in front of a reliable person (Heath Sexton) is a CoC #2 close. You can read more here in the last topic. https://www.gripboard.com/index.php?/topic/50319-who-can-close-a-3-ronnie-coleman-style/#comments
  23. Mike Rinderle

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    No pain in biceps, but my lats, traps rhomboids, erectors, upper tris, and rear delts hate me. I try to do everything I can not to use my biceps on rows. They wear out quicker than my back.
  24. king crusher

    Summer of Rows 2019 (Post your rows here)

    Today my lower biceps feel fine but my left lower biceps was extremely sore up until yesterday from my rows the other day.

    APL European Armlifting Championship 2019

    Here you can find an article from IronMind and the results of the championship! http://www.ironmind.com/news/2019-APL-European-Armlifting-Championships-00001/
  26. Vinnie

    2019 International King Kong Grip Challenge

    Or just the Big Grapplers. But I do like the New York Yankers. And I have a feeling I am gonna be the shirt designer, so ...
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