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  2. EricMilfeld

    Powerlifting Log

    Deadlift 95x7 125x7 175x3 205x1 225x7 Pauses Just Off Floor 205x3 Chins 107.2x3 107.2x5 125x8 PR!
  3. japete01

    Looking for a 5olb Blob

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and the pictures! This really helped solidify my plan.
  4. Today
  5. You are correct Joe. I saw you doing your thing with the 2 3/8" 1 arm row with clean form and range of motion so wanted to see if I had anything in the endurance tank:) I have retired from heavy DB rows as I mentioned due to taxing nature on my CNS. Mike Rinderle Iam sure will still keep me on the board of directors at Rows, Inc. Heck, you are the newest board member-congrats!!
  6. Joseph Sullivan

    GreshamGripper training log

    Looks like somebody got bit by the strict HEAVY one arm row BUG!! I’ll take credit for stoking that fire! 🔥
  7. jpav2010

    Looking for a 5olb Blob

    I've placed the BSS blob trainer over five different blobs as well as StrongerGrip blob trainer http://www.strongergrip.com/grip-gear/loadable-blob/ and uploaded the pics below. I've never loaded pics here before so I hope it works. Because of the angle of the bottom of the blobs vs the bss blob trainer the top right hand side is a little lower then left, except for the last picture where the angle was severe enough that I held it to make the tops parallel. That doesn't make any difference when lifting as it's the bottom of the blob. I'm letting you know so you have more clarity when looking at the pictures if they look a little "crooked." Blobs: I can lift the york 90(44.7 lbs), york legacy 100 (48 lbs), york 95 (47.6) I can lift the Blob50 but would not qualify as a successful lift at a competition. I can just break ground with the fatman on a good day. Trainers: I can lift the BSS Blob Trainer for a total of 34.7 lbs for a successful lift but beyond that it slips out of my hands even though it has textured paint. I'm not sure why I'm not a lot closer to the fatman weight of 51.8 lbs. Logically it would make sense since it and the fatman are very close to the same dimensions. The trainer is a little, more like miniscule, bit rounded. I find it to be pretty slick. It might just need seasoning. StongerGrip trainer I haven't used this trainer in awhile but my guess is based on records I've kept and my progression since I've lifted it I can lift about the same as the BSS trainer. This is not nearly as slick at the BSS but the dimensions make it harder for me. Pic 1: StrongerGrip blob trainer Pic 2: 1/2 of a York 90 (not sure if this is pre usa or not) = 44.7 lbs Pic 3: 1/2 of a pre usa York 95 = 47.6 lbs Pic 4: 1/2 of a York legacy 100 = 48 lbs Pic 5: Fatman = 51.8 lbs Pic 6: Blob50 no paint = 50.9 lbs
  8. 4/23/19 A.M. workout was sluggish so did not bench or grippers. Instead, did a Keypinch medley:)video below P.M. Workout- Hub, FB and rows. Video with my much weaker left hand below with LEGIT range of motion- no straps, hook grip, gloves- just 52 year old firepower at BWT 223 I have only done 2 HKP shallow hub(griptopz) 4x since my 2nd WR last May. Plate pinch was crazy hard-excuses,excuses:) due to fatigue and Flask & 35lb F.W. attempt late yesterday afternoon. Weights in order FB 74, 2hKP shallow hub(non-chalked) 106.5 lb, Mini inch-pinch 48.2, WOG training penny 44.5lb, Payne device 42.3lb and plate pinch 111.6lb-Fail
  9. Aleksandar Milosevic

    General strength and grip training

    Today's training (23.4.2019.): DE bench press (mini bands): 77.5 kg x 3 x 9 - 30 second rest Bench press (mini bands): 90 kg x 3 x 3 PR 1h DB standing press: 27.5 kg x 6 x 3 superset Wide grip pulldown: moderate x 15 x 3 Rolling thunder: 62.5 kg x 3 R; x 3.5 L all time PR; V-bar: 87.5 kg x 1 Regular rotating handle: 87.5 kg x 1; 92.5 kg x 1; 97.5 kg x 1; 102.5 kg x 1 R PR; x 0 L Trying some lifts on the regular handle just put into perspective how hard the Dinnie ring lifts are. I'm very satisfied with my RT progress, without even training it directly. I'd say I'm around 67.5 kg now.
  10. Donc101

    Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking Championship

    I am changing the reverse bend to be a 30 second time limit. That is the limit DHWOG uses. That way, we can get bends done at the comp added to his lists.
  11. Hopefully

    My training for the #3 cert

    40kg barbell ISO wrist ext First run in like 1 year.. 2km. Felt like I was going to die. Man running just sucks on so many levels. I'm already an old man.
  12. acorn

    Silvis Adjustables durability

    I've been modifying Tetting grippers into adjustable mount setups for myself and others for over 10 years now. Probably 200+ grippers at this point though very few reach out to me to do the mod anymore with other options out there like the Silvis and easily obtainable grippers of specific ratings from Cannon powerworks as well as new Tettings are either scarce or a thing of the past. They work well as an adjustable when done right but if not done right the handles are prone to spin when closing. Just a heads up. I probably have 8-10 setup as adjustables in my personal set, that are set to hit hard to hit numbers. - Aaron
  13. Hopefully

    Silvis Adjustables durability

    Ok makes sense.
  14. Hopefully

    Silvis Adjustables durability

    Allright thanks!
  15. Hopefully

    Captain of Crush #2 reps

    Yup agreed.. After the first year or so. I'm super serious about my gripper training but still it takes a while for even a few mm progress on a goal gripper. All the more satisfying when you succeed though!
  16. Donc101

    Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking Championship

    Hi Carl: 6" bolts from DHWOG will be used. Bolt heads are on. DHWOG wraps for snap.
  17. Griparn

    My training for the #3 cert

    Great work! Seems like good attempts on both hands.
  18. Hopefully

    My training for the #3 cert

    CCS 3 attempts hard coc#3, the first attempt around 8mm left(~1/3 of an inch). I'm actually quite happy about that. I figured I'd start doing videos every workout when I get a little bit closer. Or perhaps next ccs workout even. Would be really fun to put together all the videos when I can close it. I'd estimate my absolute max atm to be around mid to high #140's. 1X1 GHP 6 //// BTR strapholds #2, 2 sets SH #2 1 set Weight not worth noting, I used a tool for spackling so it was thin metal. First time with filed straps, man it felt good. Really intense. I need to do this to keep it fun, only regular closes gets boring every now and then. Also I think I need a little variation to progress. //// Left hand 1 attempt GHP 6 5-6 singles on filed #2
  19. Life is full of stepping forward in some areas and stepping back in others. Sorry to hear about the injury, but glad to see you crush so many goals. I have my goals written in a notebook that I take each day to the gym. It's important to remain focused. Keep accomplishing great things!
  20. Thanks man. Not as many as I would've liked. Gripper numbers have hovered in the mid-130s for the past year after finally getting to the low #3 range (MMS) after a decade of gripper training. Took the Stainless and Big Bastard double-underhand in singles to about 30-35 deg. but ended up getting hurt, which derailed training for awhile. I haven't really hit the IM Hub like I used to, but am probably around 65-67.5 lbs. now; definitely will get back into training this more seriously at some point. I hit the 1250 raw in my training, but wasn't able to do a meet last year.
  21. Awesome work! I appreciate seeing your hard work pay off!
  22. How many of your 2018 goals did you hit? Your workouts look strong.
  23. japete01

    Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking Championship

    I wish I was closer to MI. This looks epic!
  24. Sat (4/20) Squats (1x3) 135 (1x2) 225 (1x1) 275 (1x1) 315 (1x1) 335 (1x1) 365 Pull-ups (3x7)
  25. Fri (4/19) Reverse - DHWG Yellow Nail 15/64 x 7" O1 17/64 x 7" O1 DU - IMPs Yellow Nail 60d spiral 17/64 x 7" O1 1/4 x 6.75" Grade 8
  26. Buccos1

    Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking Championship

    Don - A couple more questions ... * For the reverse bends, are the graded bolts going to be 6"? And are the bolt heads going to be on or cut off? * On the braced steel snap, what type of wraps are going to be used? Thanks, Carl
  27. japete01

    2h pinch question

    Good advice!
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