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  2. Hope it all works out for you bud.
  3. Shoggoth

    The Shoggoth Basement

    June 5, 2020 Before Supper Deadlift 1:30’ 445 x 6 x 1r GM 75k x 3 x 12r 2-3/8” NN 258 x 2 x 1/2/3r Hanging Leg Raise 10/8/8 Air Bike BFR 15:00
  4. buckdicky

    Back at it

    Friday - 06-05-2020 (Thick Bar) 2 3/8" weighted dexterity balls - 1 minute Arm Assassin 2 3/8" Wrist Wrench (weight is all inclusive, i.e., plates, pin, implement, etc.) Right: 2x1 10 second hold - 55lbs 1x1 - 60lbs 2x1- 65lbs 1x1 - 70lbs 3x1 - 75lbs 1x1 - 80lbs - Budged from ground roughly 1/2-1". 1x1 - 75lbs - immediately dropped to 75lbs after 80lbs attempt 1x1 - 70lbs Left: 2x1 10 second hold - 55lbs 1x1 - 60lbs 2x1- 65lbs 7x1 - 70lbs - Sets 6 & 7 were 5-7" from ground.
  5. vikingsrule92

    2020 - Poems of Steel

    Yesterday's training session. Three galvanized 80d spikes cut to 6". These are tough! Wide bending radius and don't really let up. Feels a bit easier than a G8 to me. For a point of reference I did 3 of these at 6.5" right before the 6.5" G8 ... Also tried a 5.5" U Edgin but it was a good half inch off center and my hands were tearing by that point. Finished at about 2.5". If I remember right the U marking is the toughest of the G5. Need to find more like that!
  6. vikingsrule92

    11/32 x 8" hard stock in IMP's

    What is a Duchesne spike?? Strong bend buddy! Also super cool that you work at (?) a steel yard!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Mike Rinderle

    Powerlifting Log

    My bench has dropped the last two weeks. Work has been crazy the last month and my training has been very inconsistent and minimal.
  9. EricMilfeld

    Powerlifting Log

    For real! I do need to snap out of this funk I’ve been in the last couple weeks...
  10. Mike Rinderle

    Bullitt's Journal

    I've had a bad right hip for awhile now. Arthritis diagnosed in it 15 years ago. It's progressively gotten worse, but I've always been able to manage it by training around it when it flares up and copious amounts of ibu and tylenol. It hasn't stopped me from doing much. I mean, in the last year I've still been able to squat, deadlift, farmers walk, etc. although I always paid for it for a couple days afterwards. But it has really gotten bad recently. To the point where I haven’t been able to sleep well or move around like I should. Pain radiating down femur, etc. So, I got an appointment with the top sports medicine hip doc in our area this morning. X-rays showed that the Arthur has progressed from mild to moderate 15 years ago to severe now. They also think I probably have a torn labrum in my right hip. Doc was really good. Said some surgeons would say replacement right away, but since I was relatively young at 52 and had good muscle strength he wants to try to control pain and see if we can't keep the original in there as long as possible. He put me on 200mg Celebrex and I'm going in next Wednesday morning to do an x-ray guided cortisone shot deep into the hip socket. I've had a dozen or so cortisone shots in my life, but the thought of having a big ol needle digging in my groin is not something I'm looking forward to. Especially since it may be something that we have to repeat every several months. As far as lifting, he basically said listen to my body. Damage is already done, but he said to avoid going heavy on squats and heavy farmers were not a good idea. Other than that, figure out what I can do without pain and go with it. After all that, he did say, "but you're almost 53 and have arthritis in all your major joints and have been to our practice for shoulder, elbow, and hip all in the last 18 months. Maybe easing up on the weights and find some activities that will be a little easier on your body would be smart." Then he laughed and said he probably just wasted his breath, but he had to say it. He's a lifter too. Lol So, we'll see how it goes. I'll concentrate on upper body for awhile, lose some more weight, and hopefully this gets me through the next 5 - 10 years with my current hardware. All in all, I'm pretty happy. Beats months of recovery.
  11. Tom Flesher

    2020 - Poems of Steel

    Two 8” pieces of L drill rod in BBWs and then two snaps for time (3/8x12 HRS and a grade 5 lying on my back). Kinking the bolt on my back is still a challenge for me. I’m doing it on my knee, and sometimes I’ve done it overhand, but it’s difficult to get a good kink on the knee. I also lost my towel while finishing the long snap and so I did the bolt with no leg padding besides my jeans.
  12. Thursday June 4, 2020 Log C+J 210x1, 215x1, 215 miss, 205x1 A1 archer pushup 6/6×2 A2 crab reach 1/1×2 A3 pushups 12x2 B1 cable rows 25+yellow×10x3 B2 triceps pushdown 25+yellow×10x3 Circus DB 90×60s×2, 60s rest alternate arms each rep C1 rope climb practice 30ftx2 C2 Reverse flyes (pause) 5×12×2 Back on track with my reading. Finished Ishmael in 5 days and now 60 pages into June's read The Story of the Human Body by Daniel Lieberman.
  13. Wannagrip

    Corona Virus thoughts

    This goes down as the biggest thread ever behind Sybersnott's Welcome thread (never to be beaten). 1610 posts and over 25,000 views. We will never return to such a thing here (as long as I am alive) in Off Topic btw. The lights fade away as I hit the lock button....
  14. PaulFord

    Power twisters?

    For starters, they are not safe. You’re trusting cheap materials and shoddy welding to keep a powerful spring from popping you in the face. I had the rubber grip On one come loose and if it wasn’t for the wrist strap it would have shot out of my hand.
  15. Solid workout. Definitely making progress. I worked a little bending in and failed to move a Red or bastard. Not that I didnt try... Afterwards, I bent some minwrap 60ds just to say I bent something...and earned my first tiny knuckle tear since returning. Frankly I'm surprised it took this long. I'm kind of perversely proud of it. I know that improvements follow these tears.
  16. Billy Jack

    Corona Virus thoughts

    Maybe. However, our society has shown that deterrent really doesn't help much. We have plenty of prisons and even the death penalty and plenty of crime still occurs at a rapid pace, we know drugs are bad for us and even see this everyday but we are still a nation overcome with drug addiction, surveillance cameras are everywhere and crime still occurs every second right in front of them, etc, etc. Also, you can't always be home. If certain people know you have certain things in your home, and when you come and go, you are an easy target. I personally know several people who have had thousands of dollars of things discussed on this thread stolen from their home. So, now you have lost your things and a criminal has gained them. Not a good thought in my opinion. For example, in Birmingham, AL, there has been a rash of burglaries/looting at many of the larger gun shops during the protests/riots. Why did they choose these places? They knew surveillance cameras were there and that the owners could even possibly be in the building overnight. I look at this from the standpoint of the element of surprise. If you are in a fight, do you tell the other person how, where, and when you are going to hit them? No, because you want them to be surprised and overwhelmed when it happens.
  17. Fist of Fury

    Bending log

    Some reverse bending with suede pads touching. Not a good session, arms are overworked right now and I will take 2-3 days of rest now. Did 4 x 7x180 mm CRS and attempted a Grade 5 bolt again, got the same result as last time, 31 degrees.
  18. king crusher

    Corona Virus thoughts

    I'm sitting in one right now and its business as usual. Very quiet. This horse has been beat to death. And now the new joke are all these companies with their TV commercials talking about what they are doing to make us safe lmao
  19. Always fun to get a box full of shoes! Enjoy!
  20. Donc101

    FBBC SEXABASTARD DU CERT (~520 lbs USA rating)

    Really great bend Ivan! Congrats on being the first!
  21. richcottrell

    Corona Virus thoughts

    Unless you work in a hospital
  22. king crusher

    Corona Virus thoughts

    The big scary covid. Lmao it's a total joke now. Now the it thing are the feral animal rioters across the country in liberal s**tholes destroying their own neighborhoods. Good stuff.
  23. Ricochet

    Popeye! A Training Log

  24. richcottrell

    Corona Virus thoughts

    I am not a gun guy, but doesn’t the threat of weapons bring more perceived Impact then the reality of the fact that the avg owner will not have to drawl their gun in defense. for example, rather then say hear me say “I got a 35 in my glove box”, I could just let the kids in the neighborhood say, “stay away from that guy’s house That dude has literally dug ditches to plant the ammo in his yard!” now you might want to know why I would have grabbed the spade and gone through all that trouble. My problem was I ran out of room in the basement because the guns took up too much room! rich Cottrell BTW: In reality, while this PA resident took his NRA rifle course before he had a hair down below... that was the closest I got to gun ownership. just please be careful where you step in my back garden.
  25. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    Friday I weighed in at 308lbs today - well hot damn. The big bench went up too - more to come Close Grip Bench Press bar x 20 reps, 67kg x 8 reps, 107kg x 2 reps, 147kg x 1 rep - long rest - 170kg / 374lbs x 1 rep Dumbbell Rows 60kg x 8 reps, 80kg 2 x 8 reps Adjustable Thick Bar set up plus 75kg x 6 reps @, 120kg x 3 reps, 140kg x F, 135kg x 3 x 1 reps
  26. mcalpine1986

    Getting back into grip.

    Bw 169lbs Pallet pull/push 1000kg 2x80 metres 1050kg x80 metres 1100kg x80 metres Plate curls 15lbs x15 L+R 17lbs x15 L+R 19lbs x12 L+R 19lbs x11 L+R Tricep kickbacks 15kg band 4x15 L+R Neck harness extension 16kg x25 24kg x25 36kg 2x75 36kg x55 Plate wrist curls 15lbs x10 L+R 17lbs x10 L+R 19lbs x15 L+R 19lbs x10 L+R 17lbs x10 L+R 15lbs x10 L+R Im bands Blue x15 L+R Yellow x50 L+R
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