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Article Submission Guidelines


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1. You must be a gripboard member in good standing.

2. Articles by other authors cannot be submitted without permission of said author.

3. Copyrighted information passed off as an author's own work will be rejected. All copyright laws must be adhered to.

4. Articles must be just that...articles and not posts. Length should be 800 words or over with the basics of English adhered to such as capitalizing the first word of a sentence.

5. The text of the article must reside on the GripBoard.

6. The article must be related to grip strength in some way.

7. Articles can be submitted by simply sending the article to: editor@cyberpump.com

8. The article will be reviewed by a panel of GripBoard members before publication on the GripBoard. A 60% rule of "thumbs up" by the panel is required before publication.

9. The number of panel members can vary from a minimum of 3 members or greater.

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