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Thanks to Joe Roark for this list:


       For those of you who wish to read what has been written

       about forearms, grip, and hand strength in the magazines

       in our field, here is a SAMPLE of what I have filed re-

       garding those subjects. This list is by no means exhaustive,

       but it should guide you to magazines which contain some of

       the information that interests you.

       The list is not up to date, but should keep you busy

       for awihle. This list was never intended to be seen

       by anyone but me, so please excuse the typos.

       Also, many of the bodybuilding articles will not interest

       you, but I included some for semi-completeness and for those

       who are interested.

       PLEASE: do not contact me for photocopies of these

               articles- I do not necessarily have them all

               because some were loaned to me by friends so

               my files would be more complete, and some I

               filed during several days in Austin, Texas

               while at the Todd-McLean Collection.

       My author codes:

       BH-  Bob Hoffman

       CAS- Charles A. Smith

       DPW- David P. Willoughby          

       GFJ- George F. Jowett

       JCG- John C. Grimek

       JW-  Joe Weider

       WAP- William A. Pullum

       Z-   Greg Zulak

                  FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

                       by Joe Roark


       Mar 1933 p  3 Forceful F- GFJ

       Jul 1933 p 23 Fingers and F- J.M. Thomson

       Mar 1935 p 22 The G- Pastel

       Jun 1938 p 16 Batta- King of the G- Alma Venabbles

       Apr 1939 p 20 What sort of G have you?- BH

       Oct 1939 p 22 Can you prove you're a strongman?- Klein

       Mar 1940 p 36 G champs of old- Klein

       Jun 1941 p 43 pho Al Berger doing doing a chin-up from a rafter

       Aug 1943 p 18 How strong is your G?- BH

       Oct 1946 p 17 photo of a freakishly developed F (also Mar 1965 p 20)

       Apr 1947 p 20 pho @ leverage feat with two 25 lb sledges with 30"


       Dec 1949 p 12 A greater G for you- Ressler

       Feb 1950 p 14 Building a powerful G- Rothenbach

       Jan 1952 p 20 Developing mighty G and powerful F- JCG

       Jun 1952 p 12 The G's the thing- Hasse

       May 1954 p 12 F- some good exercises- Klein

       Jan 1958 p 34 Thicker F and powerful wrists- JCG

       May 1959 p 24 Thinking about F- Stanko

       Aug 1959 p 18 John McLoughlin- phenomenal fingers- Galiano

                p 24 Improving those F- Sansone (does not model the exs)

       Jun 1960 p 36 F- H. Johnson

       Jun 1961 p 42 How it began: wrist roller- Klein

       Jul 1962 p 32 Developing wrist turning power- JCG

       Mar 1965 p 20 Mighty mitts (includes the pho which ran in SH in

                     Oct 1946 p 17)- Todd

       Apr 1965 p 22 Mighty mitts part 2- Todd att JCG

       Nov 1966 p 12 G & F development- McCallum

       Dec 1966 p 12 G & F development- McCallum

       Aug 1970 p 42 F- Coe

       Mar 1973 p 62 F- shape and development- JCG

       Feb 1975 p 28 Incredible feats of Slim Farman- Shuman

       Jun 1976 p 18 Impressive F development- Adrian

       Nov 1982 p 50 Mighty F and how to develop them- JCG

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       YOUR PHYSIQUE:                                   by Joe Roark

       Aug 1944 p 36 Unusual F exercises- Weaver

       Feb 1945 p 12 Developing wrists and F at home- Theriault

       Dec 1945 p 20 The Weaver stick revisited- Weaver

       Apr 1946 p 10 Add inches to your F and wrists- JW

                p 42 Barbell wrist curl- Weaver

       Sep 1946 p 42 G strength- Gaudreau

       Jan 1947 p 27 Finishing touches on G- Ansorge

       Nov 1947 p  8 Powerful F & G- DPW

       Apr 1948 p 30 The muscles of the F and their development- Jantzen

       Mar 1950 p 18 Some unique F exercises- Ben Weider

       Mar 1951 p  6 Developing the biceps and F- CAS

                p 26 Developing the F- Reeves

       Apr 1951 p 30 My 5 favorite F exercises- Robert

       Sep 1951 p 16 My favorite F routine- Stephan

       Nov 1951 p 17 Muscular neck and F- CAS

       Apr 1952 p 10 F- Eder

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCLE POWER:                                   by Joe Roark

       Dec 1947 p 16 Developing a mighty G- Zebrowski

       Jun 1949 p 22 Who has the strongest G?- Batchelor

                p 24 F development- Ross

       Mar 1950 p 23 Roll out the barrel for more powerful fingers- GFJ

       Oct 1950 p 12 The G of man- CAS

       Nov 1950 p 16 Let's build more muscular F- CAS

       Sep 1954 p 23 How I solved my F problems- Delinger

       Jul 1957 p 21 Small hands can be powerful- Delinger

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCLE TRAINING ILLUSTRATED                     by Joe Roark

       Jan 1966 p 32 How I built my F and G strength- GFJ

       Sep 1972 p 22 Forging your F- Snodgrass

       Sep 1977 p 29 The F; getting a G on yourself- Oliva (does not model)

       Mar 1980 p 20 Herculean F- Strong

       Jan 1981 p 78 Powerful F- Gentle

       Apr 1984 p 37 Gary Stitch- a G challenge- Simpson

       Oct 1986 p 34 Forging your F- Snodgrass

       Feb 1988 p 18 F- Darden [excerpt from SUPER HIGH INTENSITY BBing]

       Apr 1989 p 44 F- Pearl

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MR. AMERICA:                                    by Joe Roark

       Oct 1962 p 11 Gripper- you can make it!- Venables

                p 28 Charles Vansittart- man with iron G- WAP

                p 82 Palms down wrist curls- editors

       May 1963 p 54 Build F of steel- Bob Burke


       Jun 1964 p 80 The pinch-G plate snatch- Poole

       Jul 1964 p 54 Build and use the "Forearm Bomb'- clinic

       MR. AMERICA:

       Jan 1965 p 42 F- Sipes, Silvestre, Ross

       Nov 1965 p  6 Cord test for G strength- Sipes

       May 1967 p 12 F- Draper


       Feb 1968 p 24 Killer Karate Krusher- JW

       Mar 1968 p 32 Hand and wrist strength in athletics

       MR. AMERICA:

       Oct 1970 p 42 Powerful F and G of steel- Zane


       Jan 1962 p  4 Hand and wrist strength in athletics- Coker

                          FOREARM / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCLE & BODYBUILDER:                                   by Joe Roark

       Jan 1980 p 20 Building a super G-


       Aug 1984 p 49 F- the forgotten bodypart- Boff


       Apr 1984 p 28 Understanding the F- Shalhoub

                       FOREARM / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       STRENGTH TRAINING FOR BEAUTY:                           by Joe Roark

       Nov 1985 p 22 Gripping power- Dayton


       Jul 1958 p 16 Good news for weak grips

       Mar 1959 p  8 Developing a G of crushing power- Horvath


       Jul 1991 p 70 Lifting weights and wrist pain- Falkel

       Mar 1992 p 82 Hands-on training- Lander

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       IRON MAN:                                               by Joe Roark

       4:6 p  6       An old F test revived- Weaver

       5:4 p  9       Hands, wrists, F- Farabee

       7:3 p 18       Super F & G- Batchelor

       8:1 p 18       F- Rader

       Aug 1952 p  22 Super F- the mark of a man- McWilliams

       Nov 1961 p  12 Muscular F, powerful G- H. Johnson

       Apr 1969 p  26 Develop a massive lower arm- Ditillo

       Jul 1969 p  26 How Tarzan Jacobs developed his fabulous

                      16.5" F- Kallos

       Jan 1971 p  22 F magic- Sipes

       Sep 1972 p  21 Thick-handled weights develop great strength-Thompson

       Sep 1973 p  22 Finished F- Green

       Jul 1976 p  40 The Bruce White story- Gallasch

       Sep 1976 p  24 Feats of G strength- DPW

       Nov 1976 p  30 Feats of pinch G strength- DPW

       Jan 1977 p  32 Feats of strength with levers- DPW

       Jul 1978 p  28 More super G feats- DPW

       Nov 1978 p  21 Developing the world's strongest hands- Dayton

       May 1979 p  35 Feats of strength: Hand and finger strength- DPW

       Sep 1981 p  29 A new appproach to F- Puckett

       Jan 1982 p  19 Mighty F and a G of steel- Ross

       Jan 1986 p  36 Hand strength and finger strength

       Aug 1988 p  58 The hook grip- Takano

       Jul 1989 p  68 F and neck- Brainum

       Aug 1989 p  32 Wrist pain and the wrist strap- Horrigan

       Dec 1990 p  95 Wrist curls and wrist pain- Horrigan

       Mar 1992 p 190 F furor- Perryman

       May 1992 p 162 The Captains of Crush- the men who know how to get

                      a G

       Jun 1993 p  76 Biceps and F- Z

       Sep 1993 p 100 Steve Brisbois' F- Prokup

       Jan 1994 p 186 Back, biceps, F- Ashley

       Apr 1995 p 210 F- Arthur Jones

       Jul 1995 p  40 Joe DeAngelis' biceps and F- Fredrick

       Nov 1995 p  58 F- Cepello

       May 1996 p  66 Forewarned is F- Seward

                p  72 Secrets to a powerful G- Poliquin

       Jun 1996 p  32 F flexor contraction- Holman

       Jan 1997 p  62 Freak F- Tuttle

       Feb 1998 p 112 F- Larry Scott  

       May 1998 p  88 Standing wrist curls- Horrigan

       May 1999 p     Reverse preacher curls- Andzel

                       FOREARM / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCLE MAG INT'L                                        by Joe Roark

       1:3      p  32 Pinch-G, past & present- DPW

       3:1      p  80 Reg Park on F, neck, traps

       Jan 1979 p  22 Massive F can be yours!- Steiner

       Sep 1982 p  10 F development- editors

       Dec 1983 p  49 Wilkosz on F- Bartlett

       Sep 1985 p  74 Fabulous F and how to get them- Larry Scott

       Nov 1989 p  61 F, neck & traps- Z

       Jan 1991 p 169 Building awesome F- Z

       Feb 1991 p  56 G power- Z

       May 1992 p 115 Building massive F- staff

       Apr 1995 p  99 Don't forget those F- Merritt

       Apr 1996 p  78 Biceps / F- Darin Lannaghan- Mathas

       Nov 1996 p 227 F- Blais

       Nov 1997 p  94 F- Michio Grubbs- Grannis

       Jun 1998 p 148 F- Zulak

       Jul 1999 p 248 8 weeks to great F- Starr

       Nov 1999 p 213 F- Blais

       Dec 2000 p 152 F- Weis

                       FOREARM / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT:                                   by Joe Roark

       Sep 1964 p  42 Fabulous F- Stanko

       Apr 1965 p  38 Exercises for strengthening the G- Klein

       Feb 1966 p  24 F of iron bands- GFJ

       Apr 1967 p  12 Getting a G on things- Homola

       May 1968 p  10 Wrist roller- explaining the exercise- JCG

       Jul 1970 p  40 A super F builder- Arthur Jones

       Jul 1973 p  17 MD's guide to F delevopment- staff

       May 1974 p  23 Mr. Jim Easley: Mr. super G- Venables

       Jul 1976 p  44 Steel claw G and F- Williams

       Feb 1979 p  45 Wrist roller, wrist curl, leverage feat- Stanko

       Dec 1983 p  44 Develop those big bulging F- Puckett

       Apr 1984 p  18 Gary Stich- coming to G- Stich

       Jan 1988 p  30 Retooling the vise- Leistner

       Feb 1991 p  54 F forged in steel- Wedan

       Jun 1992 p  24 Kinesiology: F flexors- Alway

       Jul 1992 p  26 Kinesiology: F extensors- Alway

       Jun 1993 p  64 Your forgotten F- Mann

       Dec 1993 p  26 Getting a G on F- Ross

       Mar 1995 p  38 Extensors of the wrist- Alway

       Apr 1996 p  78 Biceps/forearms Lannaghan- Mathas

       Nov 1996 p 164 Barbell wrist ext- Alway

       Feb 1999 p  82 Neck and F- Mentzer

       Sep 1999 p 168 Carpal tunnel- Alway

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       POWERLIFTING USA:           by Joe Roark

       Mar 1989 p 27 F- Chorpenning

       Feb 1991 p 75 New product F trainer, pho @


       Jan 1989 p  34 F- Rick Stephenson

       Oct 1989 p  16 F- Mike Christian

       Nov 1990 p  24 Proportionate F- Jayde

       Dec 1990 p  86 Bowling pins- Viator

       Nov 1991 p 181 F mass- Lou Ferrigno

       Dec 1991 p  16 Popeye F- Steve Brisbois

       Jun 1992 p  28 Full factor F- Shawn Ray

       Sep 1992 p  83 Achim Albrecht

       Sep 1993 p  94 Injured F- Segal

       Feb 1994 p 239 Popeye F- Paul Dillett

       Sep 1994 p 217 A wristed developed 'Captain Anabolic'

       Dec 1994 p  70 Lee Priest (claims 18" F)

    Summer 1995 p  42 F- Dorian Yates

       Apr 1996 p 217 Forearmed is forewarned- Cody

       Jun 1996 p 217 F / G- Cody

       Mar 1998 p 184 Mike Francois

       Feb 1999 p 184 Grip and lower back- Dorian Yates

       Jun 2000 p 280 Lee Priest

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCLE BUILDER:                                         by Joe Roark

       Apr 1954 p 24 F and he-man G- Leo Robert

                     [ Ed Theriault models and uses Weider Leverage  Bell ]

       Nov 1954 p 18 Bulging F- Horvath

       Apr 1962 p 36 F & G of steel- JW

       Nov 1962 p 36 A poor G means weak arms- GFJ

       Dec 1962 p 16 Super powered F- Sipes

       Jun 1967 p 12 Dob't neglect F- Poole

       Feb 1971 p 19 The exploding F of Arnold S- Draper

       Apr 1972 p 19 How I muscularized my F- Columbu

       Jan 1975 p 50 F- double split- Arnold S- JW

       Jun 1975 p 70 Magic of F- Larry Scott

       Jul 1975 p 12 I am Joe's F- JW

                p 14 Pain barrier for F growth- Birdsong

       Sep 1976 p  9 F & triceps (Gable & Robinson)- Mozee

       Sep 1977 p 50 I'm persistent, that's why I have massive F- Bill Grant

       Oct 1977 p 11 The F of Ferrigno- Tanny

       May 1979 p 14 Not training the F- sometimes it better- Mentzer

                       FOREARMS / GRIP / HAND STRENGTH

       MUSCLE & FITNESS                                        by Joe Roark

       Feb 1983 p  88 FPP comparing Viator & Gunnar Rosbo's F

       Aug 1983 p  30 Biceps & F- Zane

       May 1984 p  87 F (Mike Christian models)- Scott Wilson

       Apr 1985 p  18 The wrist curl- Yessis

       Feb 1986 p  22 The reverse wrist curl- Yessis

       Dec 1989 p 105 F- Yessis

       May 1990 p  40 Supination / Pronation- Yessis

       Jun 1990 p  49 Increase hand strength- Yessis

       Oct 1990 p  37 Fingers and hands workout- Yessis

       Dec 1990 p  53 G strength- Yessis

       Jun 1991 p 253 pho Nautilus forearm machine

       Jul 1991 p  44 Ulnar-radial flexion- Yessis

       Jun 1992 p 122 Reverse wrist curl- Yessis

       Jul 1992 p 124 Finger flexion- Yessis

       Aug 1993 p 151 F- Weider Research Group

       Nov 1993 p  96 Developing a vise G- Coan & Wright

       Apr 1994 p  72 Wrist curl- Yessis

       Oct 1994 p 124 Power F- Robinson

       Dec 1994 p  54 Pronation / Supination- Yessis

       Jan 1995 p  70 Losing your grip?-Henry

       Aug 1996 p  44 Reverse wrist curl- Yessis

                p  52 Lee Priest

       Dec 1997 p 182 Strapped for grip devel- Wagman

       May 1998 p  47 Dumbell wrist curl- Yessis

                p  50 "        "          Dorian Yates

       Jul 1998 p 162 F- Kissel

       Sep 1998 p 108 Get a grip- Wagman

       Sep 1999 p  58 Mike Matarazzo- Kissel

                p 156 Gripping tales- Chapman

       Sep 2000 p 176 F- Berg


       Feb 1992 p 61 10 tips for hands, wrists, F- Boff

       OXYGEN          FOREARMS

       Sep 1999 p 138 F- Shular

       HARD GAINER             FOREARMS

       Sep 1996 p 22 New twist on F ex- Begin

       IRON MASTER          FOREARMS

       May 1996 p 35 Some amazing feats of grip strength- Gentle

       MILO            FOREARMS

       Mar 1998 p 53 Grip and F devel part 1- McCallum

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Tom Black

Here are some additions to Joe Roark's list:


July 1993 p 27  John Brookfield: Bending and the Bible- Strossen

Apr 1994 p 36  Driving a Nail—Who Needs a Hammer?-  John Brookfield

Apr 1994 p43 World Grip Champ Challenge- David Gentle

Apr 1995  1994 p30 World Grip Champ Challenge: Results of the 4th IAWA Grip Contest- David Gentle and David Horne

July 1994 p3?  Can You Do This?- John Brookfield

Jan 1995 p28  Richard Sorin: Ten Deadly Digits- Strossen

April 1995 p? The 5th British Grip Chammpionships- David Horne

July 1996 p 22  Handgrippers: Closing the Gap-  John  Brookfield

June 1997 p 109 Gripping Sideshow at the Arnold Classic: Manfred Hoeberl Joins the “Captains of Crush TM”- William R. Hansen

Milo-Iron Filings- Length as marked.

July 1995 p25  Picture of John Brookfield walking with the 50-pound York blob, one column of text.

July 1994 p 27 Picture of David Horne table top wrist curling 501.5 pounds, half column of text describing Dave’s ¾” bend of the Ironmind Red bar.


July 1986 p 34  The Mighty Atom Returns- Boff

March 1982 p 32  In the Mold of the Masters- (Article on The Mighty Atom and Slim Farman)-Dean Camernares

Muscle and Fitnesss

March 1996  p 134  Incredible Feats of Strength-(Article on Stanless Steel) Bob Wolff

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Here are some more additions to Joe Roark's list:


Oct 1996 p. 23 Bending Nails: Conquering the 60-Penny- John Brookfield

Oct 1996 p. 47 Thick Bar Training- Kubik

Mar 1998 p. 37 The Mighty Atom, Miracle Marvel

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Here are some more additions to Joe Roark's list:


March 1997 p.83 Horseshoe Bending- John Brookfield

March 1997 p.108 Goerner's Deadlift Variations- Brooks Kubik

June 1999 p.68 The Thomas Inch Dumbbell: Still a Challenge in 1999- David Gentle

June 1999 p.101 Progressions in Steel- Tom Black

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Tom Black

Weird I should forget my own.  I think there are probably more in Milo, my list is just the ones that I had copied and re-bound into one handy reference source.  Ironmind used to have on the web site the contents pages of all the back issues, but I can't find it now.  It is therefore more difficult to pick from their web site which issues have articles of interest.

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Will online articles possibly go under the list or maybe a seperate one?

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Good question. I would suppose a separate

list, but that would be up to the moderators.

If it could be set up so that the online articles

could be clicked on and read immediately, a

separate listing would be better in my view.

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MILO: Mar 98, 5.4  

 Cover: Joe Kinney closes the No. 4 Captains of Crush gripper.

But do they have an article on him inside, or is he just on the cover?

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Tom Black

Yes, there is an article on Kinney in that issue.  It describes his closing the #4 gripper.  I remember distinctly how hard he said his training was to close the gripper.

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The article is titled: "Kinney Do It? Yes! Joe's the First 4-Evermore" by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

The March 1998 issue of MILO also has two pics of Joe on the inside cover.

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After the site move, we could set up a links category for online articles?

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Keep up the good work everyone!   :)

Wannagrip, that would be great to have that.

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What a great resource this could be. How might we go about making these available - most of these exist only in private collections?

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Scott Styles

I'd say the barriers are:

1. Many of these articles are probably still protected under copyright

2. Paper versions of the articles need to be scanned and given labels

Once the copyright issues are out of the way and electronic files exist, putting them on the net for everyone is easy. I think getting to that point, especially item 1, could be very very hard.

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Jeez this is really great! I hope it gets stickied!

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There are some grip strength related available for free on the internet by the likes of saxon, sandow etc. Try sandowplus.co.uk

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