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Guest cjmkcm

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Guest CanadaCrush

There are several things you can do to break though a plateau with the CoC's. However, not all of them work for everyone. Strap holds would probably be the most popular 'quick fix,' with negatives, and time holds being recommended at all. I would also suggest taking some time off the grippers. If you've been working at them more than twice a week, or even more than once a week with high intensity, take a rest. It does wonders.


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Guest StrongerthanArne

I agree, my increases in strength on the CoC grippers have manifested themselves in a step wise fashion. I was stuck at 4-5 repetitions on the #2. I then took about a week off all grip training, came back suddenly found myself doing 9-11 reps on the #2.


Mikael Siversson

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