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Unbelievable...upright rows either hand with Inch Db!

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I recieved a call from my friend Steve

Cardillo of Cardillo belts. He was up a the

strongman show in Boston and got interested

on the Inch bell. In the interim before he

gets the one I sent he borrowed another one

and had 5 men lift it with get this..... MULTIPLE

upright row singles with EITHER hand by Mark

Henry! He was accompanied by Terry Todd and

they mentioned for 1000 bucks he would CLEAN

and press it!No one has ever come close to

cleaning it in one motion, this feat might

rank at the top of any strength heap! PS Bert

continues to work on the #3 with 7 below 1/8

inch trials tonight. R


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Sounds awesome.  Does Mark mean he won't clean it unless he gets 񘈨.  I hope someone pays him or he just decides to do it.  It would probably be the greatest strength feat, at least since Paul Anderson or Kaz.  Tell Bert to keep up the good work.  Can't wait to see his picture in Milo.


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Wade Gillingham


I had the pleasure of watching Mark in Wilks Barre, PA, at the 1995 ADFPA Nationals (and again in '97 at the USAPL Nationals).  Weighing just over 400 pounds he pulled a 903 deadlift.  This was just prior to his Olympic apearance in 1996 so he was in top shape.  His size and natural strength have to be seen to be believed - the WWF doesn't do him justice.

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Mark Henry....I saw him at the Paul Anderson invitational in 96' and he was huge! Really trim joints for a 400 lb man..... Very impressive.I guess it would take such a person to do a feat like that. I trust Mr Cardillo's explaining the feats he saw done by the 5 men as being accurate.Also, thanks for support with Bert's continued efforts (we had a few lawyers,town leaders and a notary present tonight watching him.) Regards,RS

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Not to rain on anyone's parade..... BUT, when I met Mark Henry at the AOBS dinner this past October, he was supposed to put on an strength exhibition, but that didn't happen because of an aggravated injury.  Too bad.  Terry Todd told me that Mark could also rep the CoC #3.  I didn't see that either.  

I guess what I'm trying to get at is..... give me some proof (like a picture or something).  Mark Henry is a strong dude, but let's make sure he can back up what he says he can do.  Enough with the chit-chat.

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