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King Kong: California II
Date: October 22nd
Weigh In: 8am - 930am
Rules: 930am
Lifting Starts: 10am
Location: The Training Hall by Odd E. Haugen
Address: 966 Lawrence Dr. Suite 101, Newbury Park, CA 91320
SIGN UP --> Website: WestCoastArmSports.com/Upcoming-Contests


2.25” Crusher (FBBC) – 6” Lift
Pinch Block (IronMind) – 6” Lift
Finnish Ball (Otevoima) – 13” Lift
2.5” Jug (FBBC) – 6” Lift

Divisions: Men: 59kg / 66kg / 74kg / 83kg / 93kg / 105kg / 120kg / 120+kg
Men’s Masters 50+ Years: Open
Women: 57 kg / 63kg / 72kg / 84kg / 100kg / 100+kg
Women’s Masters 50+ Years: Open

Awards: Custom King Kong gorilla sculptures for the following:

-The overall male and female champions ("The King Kong of Grip" and “The Queen Kong of Grip”)
-The male and female exceptional lifters (best pound-for-pound performance)

6” Custom three-dimensional King Kong medals for the following:
-The top three finishers in each class
-The overall male and female top lifter in each event

Last Person Standing format. Reverse strongman scoring.

Confirmed Venues (So Far): North America: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Eric Roussin Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – Brad Provick Sioux City, Iowa, USA – Andrew Pantke Fort Worth, Texas, USA – Adam Glass Carbondale, Colorado, USA – Steve Millard and Jeremy Everding Woodbury, Minnesota, USA – Joel Dircks Thousand Oaks, California, USA – Will Guiliani Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA – Nick Sanders South America: Melipilla, Chile - Bruno Gonzalez Andres Europe: St. Petersburg, Russia – Alexander Andreev Gatchina, Russia – Dima Lappalainen Ukraine – Ivan Pupchenko Many more venues to come.... Website: WestCoastArmSports.com

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