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Powerball power gripper metal vs CoC (and HG)


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Ordered the 200, 250 and 300lbs Powerball "Power Gripper Metal Series" grippers on Amazon and they arrived today.

I'm in the UK so can't get rgc measured so here are some rough measurements (in mm), where powerball gripper is PG and heavy grips are HG :

|Gripper|Spring diameter|Inside sweep width|Grip diameter|

|CoC #2|6.60|73|19.12|

|PG 200|6.49|68|18.24|

|PG 250|7.05|71|18.31|

|PG 300|7.56|69|18.32|

|HG 200|6.55|64|19.00|

|HG 250|7.07|64|18.95|

|HG 300|7.54|63|19.00|

The 250 is certainly harder than the CoC #2 with a thicker spring and similar sweep distance. Handle on CoC is slightly better but the PGs are surprisingly good quality, far better knurling than on HG. However HG 250 feels a slight bit heavier than the PG250, it's perhaps because the PG250 spring is set up a few mm higher (at ~3mm) from the handles than the rest of the grippers (all about the same: 1-2mm).

The PG300 feels much heavier than the 250 and similar or a bit heavier than my HG300, but I'd guess its average for this gripper. Will be interesting to compare against the CoC #2.5 that's on the way. 

My ranking in terms of difficulty (easiest first) would be:

1. PG200

2. HG200

3. CoC #2

4. PG250

5. HG250

6. HG300

7. PG300

Haven't worn them in so they may get weaker over time but they seem like great training tools - about half the price of CoC. I had heard these are essentially the same grippers as GripGenie so a PG250 would be a #4 for example. Has anyone confirmed this or checked the RGC? 

Here's a quick demo & narrow close of the 250/300: https://youtu.be/zTKf7IHDv6Y

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