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2021 Underground Grip Fall Classic


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2021 Underground Grip Fall Classic

By Jamey Brannon and Underground Athletics Gym

North American Grip Sport Sanctioned

DATE: November 13, 2021


Date of Birth ___________  



Best Phone Number to reach you: (_____)______-__________

e-mail address:____________________________________ 

Height: _______ Weight: ______

Classes – Novice and Open – Lightweight up through 93K (205#) and Open - over 93K (206#+)

All lifts eligible for Top 50 Lists 


Events:  David Horne Euro Pinch – 54 mm only

Double Overhand Axle Deadlift to lockout

Double Sledge Lever to head max weight (arms supported and in a safety rack)

Medley – will include a little bit of everything grip related – around 20 items


All rules will be on a separate page and announced prior to the start of the event https://www.gripsport.org/rules.htm  

Entry Fee: $40.00

Payment Methods are - email entry to  undergroundathletics@yahoo.com (you will then receive an invoice you can pay by CC) or mail entry with check or MO to Underground Athletics, 12885  Twp. Rd. 1001 NE  - Crooksville, Ohio 43731

Weight Class (expected) for record purposes (Circle One): 66k, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k, 120k, 120+, Youth - Open, Masters 50+ - 60+ - 70+

DEADLINE TO ENTER:  November 1st

Weigh-ins at: Noon – then warm ups – rules and start

What you get:  Places and Prizes will be determined by number of entries.  Trophies and Ribbons - All lifts will be entered into Top 50 Database


Event will be held at Underground Athletics Gym - 35 E. Main St. - Crooksville, Ohio, 43731


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Contest is now sanctioned - so all results are eligible for the Top 50 Lists.

Additional information

Percentage scoring will be used - rising bar on all events - 4 attempts except for the Sledge and of course the Medley.  Everyone will have to take the Sledge base weight (23.4#) - then rising bar until you fail - three misses and you're out.  Medley will be approximately 20 items with different point values for difficulty - example might be 30 - 40 - 50# Blobs for 1 - 2- or 3 points (you only get the highest point value - not all three).

Any questions just ask.

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38 minutes ago, DAVE101 said:

If this was at least 1 week later I would totally be there.

Sorry - not my contest to make changes - I'm just helping out and providing some equipment on this one.  I think you'd really enjoy the sledge event!  I had it at Gripmas 2012 - Durniant won with a 50# lift.  

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Just want to bump this - it's looking like a small but quality contest.  Nick's bringing a monster - it looks like he may be the man to beat.  At least he won't be in my weight class :).  I'm on track to hit almost the same sledge number I did back in 2012.  My pinch and Axle are both way down from back then.  My Medley performance is going to really be sad if current training is any indication.

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Sorry to say the contest has been cancelled due to lack of competitors.


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