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Let’s talk armwrestling!

Wheels or school boy?  

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  1. 1. Who you got for the win? And why!

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Eric Roussin

I'm predicting Gasparini, Hutchings, Makarov, Backman, Stevens, and Simeanov will win.

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I thought no one would ask. So thank you! yes, I have. Many times. Although due to past legal issues, I was not able to leave the state (legally) for some years. So as a result, all of my tournam

You’re  a good man, Bader.

Really unfortunate to take an already niche sport and separate it into so many organizations just to make everything more difficult. I just wanna see the strongest guys compete idc about regions or co

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7 hours ago, Eric Roussin said:

I'm predicting Gasparini, Hutchings, Makarov, Backman, Stevens, and Simeanov will win.

My thoughts exactly. Looking forward to seeing Ermes and Matt come absolutely unglued during the match. Should be fun to watch 

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Is anyone going to acknowledge at this point that when I say a certain puller is reliant on WAL specs that it has merit??

was all over YouTube saying it before, and after the recent MMT match with Devon. It seemingly fell on deaf ears. Instead, while at the same time denying what I was pointing out, people seemed so eager to act as if I wasn’t giving Devon’s strength any credit for the win. When in reality they just don’t have a clue. Devon had the strength to pull the win off during all 3 MMT matches. But 2 of the latest 3 matches between those 2 were literally determined because MMT was able to exploit the WAL table specs to his advantage. Wasn’t the case this last time though! And what we saw between Devon and MMT in Dubai is what happens to MMT by any elite super when not on a WAL table.

Although the pull styles are certainly different, Mask is no different than MMT. His deep low hand top roll depends heavily on how much real estate rearward he’s able to navigate his elbow. AKA, the extra 2” on the back edge of the WAL elbow pad. Period.

but! Don’t be like the YouTube dummy’s and assume that this is me hating on Mask! I WANTED mask to win this! I just knew damn well it would be a slim chance he could pull the win off due to the match not taking place on a WAL table.


there is nothing wrong with those guys performing better on a certain table, by the way. It is what it is. But damn! It’s high time people start recognizing those details! Especially those who follow the sport!


WAL table specs DO add a major factor for some pullers. There should really be no question. If people would quit staring so hard at hands and faces when these guys pull, and pay more attention to elbows, elbow placement, shoulders, etc. then they’d get a more realistic grasp on what’s gonna happen prior to some of the more hyped matches.

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This event turned out to be incredibly boring to watch. I don’t understand why they allowed for so much resting between elbow fouls, slips and ref’s grip. There should be NO resting after an elbow foul. During this event competitors commonly took a 3-4 minute break after each elbow foul and slip. It made the event drag on for 7 hours instead of 2-3 hours.

Results were pretty much as expected. With a few exceptions.

Engin was stronger than Makarov but got injured and had to forfeit the match.

Ermes was the better man but Matt was close enough to where he could get a pin when his setup was good.

Hutchings was stronger than Zoloev. But Zoloev was better and was able to win.

Bozhidar showed that the european lightweights are still a bit ahead of the american lightweights. But this was to be expected. Tony came in heavy and Bazhidar came in light but still managed to dominate.

Sarah did good against Irina. 

Herman got screwed by the ref’s against Efe.

There were other matches but they didn’t really interest me that much. 

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