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15 minutes ago, Wannagrip said:

I would use it as a supplement or do a cycle with the BTY handles.  

What is BTY?

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10 hours ago, John McCarter said:

Bill misspelled BTY. It should be BTR (beyond the range).

Oh gosh...did I ever botch that. Thanks for the correction John. :)

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Paul Savage
On 6/9/2021 at 10:36 AM, Wannagrip said:

And no, this is not to start an argument in Ivan's training log. But, this fact remains. Joe Kinney is responsible for a bazillion of individual GAINZ by people for the concept of Beyond the Range training.  Looking forward to you certifying on the #4 and setting history Ivan.

Is he though? Many have thought of it without knowing about him and he didnt even use it in a way that actually works.

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