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Colorado & Ohio World of Grip Record Breaker


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Jason Dingey and I are having a two-venue competition/record breaker on April 17. We are running this is conjunction with David Horne's Record Breaker. Notice that the first two events are not WoG. Please contact Jason @JasonD or me if you can attend.


Rocky Mountain Grip Sport - World of Grip Record Breaker with second venue in Ohio hosted by Jason Dingey & Mike Saffell


3”x4” Saxon Bar Deadlift to lockout (Sorinex)
2” Napalm’s Nightmare 6” lift (Arm Assassin Strength Shop) HorneTop 10” lift (World of Grip)
Adjustable Thick Bar 10” lift (World of Grip)
Fence Post 4” lift (World of Grip)
Gold Bar 13” lift (World of Grip)

For Grip Sport International records, lifters will be allowed four trips to the platform with 1 min to complete the lift taking as many attempts as needed within that minute (rising bar).

If the lifter wants to potentially qualify for World of Grip records, the lifter will be allowed four trips to the platform and exactly one attempt each trip (rising bar). If the lifter chooses to use the 1 min rule to take multiple attempts on any trip to the platform, he/she is disqualified from the World of Grip Records for that event.

Weight Classes:

Men: 66k/ 74k/ 83k/ 93k/ 105k/ 120k/ 120+k Women: 52k/ 63k/ 72k/ 84k/ 84kg+

This group sporting event is meant for friendly competition and for lifters to improve their positions on the Grip Sport International records lists or break World of Grip records. No awards are planned.

Entry fee: $20 paid at sign-in. Contact Steve or Jeremy if you would like to attend.

Date: Saturday, April 17th
9am-9:30am - Sign-in and weigh-ins
9:30am – First event rules and start
Depending on attendance, the last event will end at about 2:00pm


Steve Millard,  Jeremy Everding,  Jason Dingey (Ohio), Mike Saffell (Ohio)


CORE Gym - We will compete outdoors if weather permits. 1117 Village Road
Carbondale, CO

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Mike Saffell and I will be running the event in Ohio. Mike has to work in the morning, so we will be starting later in the afternoon. Not sure what time yet. Location is around St Clairsville, Ohio. Not sure yet if it will be at his gym, or my house. We are contesting 2” NN, 3x4 Saxon bar, Adjustable thick bar, and fence post.

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Congrats Steve on all your lifts. Awesome WR 's on Fence Post and the Adjustable Thickbar! 357 lbs pulled is INCREDIBLE grip strength. You are one of the very best all-around gripsters in the world and you proved it once again.

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@Kluv#0 Thank you, Michael! My right hand just would not power up for me. I only hit openers on the HorneTop and Fence Post. 202k 2" Napalm's Nightmare was dropped from the top because of my right as well (pic below). Don't get me wrong, I am amazed and grateful that my body is staying strong so that I can play along at all. 


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