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World of Grip Multi Venue Record Breaker


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This is a great opportunity to compete in whatever capacity you are able in your area. There are also two one month long Spring challenges listed on the World of Grip site. Check it out:

Record Breaker #7 - International
Saturday 17 Apr, 2021

Choose 3 events from the ‘World of Grip’ world record, or Grip Feat lists.
4 attempts allowed on each event.
We are not limiting the number of venues as we know that in lots of countries people will still not be able to get together and compete. If your local Covid-19 guidelines allow, promoters can organise contests, otherwise people can participate either in social bubbles or couples etc (please stay safe within your national Covid-19 guidelines).

If you are an individual competing alone all attempts must be filmed including all weighing (apparatus and bodyweight) in a continuous video.

Entrance fees: £5 per person payable to World of Grip. If promoters wish to charge more for their venue this is at their discretion – the promoter will be liable to send payment directly to us at the time of submitting results.
Not a lot, but this will help with the extra workload I will have to do.
Entry fee paypal payment to world_of_grip@ntlworld.com
Promoters email or message me the results that day please.

World Record page

Grip Feat page

Be aware that other people at other venues may go for the same record as you! So lift to the best of your ability.


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Awesome idea by David! I will be hosting a venue on April 17th for sure and anyone interested e-mail me mcttris1@gmail.com I have good selection of the World of Grip implements. 

Levertop, Adjustable Thickbar, Hornetop, Pickaxe, Stub, 1/2 Penny, Shallow Hub, Fence Post. Plus any feats you want to attain Plate Pinching, Inch replica DB hold, Thumbless, etc.

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