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2020 King Kong- Texas Edition

Stephen Anderson

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Stephen Anderson

Myself and my trainer parters had only been training for about a month leading up to this competition. Mainly because of me and climbing the Mash Monster Ladder. I took alot of time off from other training to achieve that. 

We loaded up friday night and made the 5 1/2 hour drive from Oklahoma to Texas. We strategized and devised a gameplan on how we were going to approach the competition (Weight jumps,warmup period, etc). We got into town around 11:30pm and went straight to the hotel to pass out.

Saturday morning we woke up early and i could tell everyone was dialed in and ready to go. We found a local IHOP and decided to have a decent size breakfast before heading over to @AdamTGlass house. When we arrived it was like we entered a grip eutopia! I have seen adams collection of implements before. But my training partners were in aww! 

We hung around and helped set everything up and waited for everyone to arrive. Dustin  Loflend with Texas Armwrestling League brought 2 tables to pull on and give demonstration. Which excited me because i was very eager to learn. 

The competition started with the flask. I pulled 92lbs which was a pr from last year. @Roy Goldenpulled a huge 105lbs which was a big pr from our training sessions. Lathan pulled around 70 lbs. Next we had the crusher which we hadnt gotten to train on ever. I started us off and lifted 185lbs and then made to big of a jump to 191 and failed. Roy took the smarter approach and was successful with a lift of 187.5lbs. Lathan pulled around 140-145lbs.

We took a short intermission and got to watch an Armwrestling super match. Which was very intense( i think i caught the Armwrestling bug). Adam also graciously made all of us his amazing chorizo chili and a big brisket( which were both amazing).

We got back on the platform and started with the grabball which was the new implement this year. I had one to train on so we had an idea of our success. Roy ended up getting 155lbs which was lower than his training pr. I was able to pull 171lbs which was a big pr for myself. I was overall happy with this event. I believe lathan pulled around 140lbs. We finished with LBH which i have never been super good at. Roy hit his training pr with a pull of 181lbs. I ended up with 175lbs because again i got ambitious and tried 182lbs which i failed. Lathan pulled about 150lbs. 

It was a smooth competition that ran flawlessly. As always hats off to @AdamTGlassfor his great hospitality and overall leadership throughout the weekend. 

To end the night we played around with all of his crazy implements. I lifted( tilt lift)@Boulderbrewinch replica several times with both right and left hands. I also tried my hand at adams 200lb bell. That i tilt lifted to knee height. I was pretty proud of that lift. Roy was doing his thing hammer levering 12-16 pound hammers and pinching everything on site. 

Overall it was a great experience and always reminds me how great the guys in grip really are.

Now to prepare for my next journey. As@AdamTGlassand I head to Dubai in February to train with @Alawadhi


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Stephen Anderson
3 minutes ago, Tom Flesher said:

Strong lifting, Stephen! Sounds like a good time (and a good brisket).

Great time!

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Sounds like big fun! See you soon :rock 

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Stephan saved the event for me as a promoter tracking scores and loading- it’s not always easy to control the chaos of 40 people mostly strangers at my house plus run an event but it went great. 

I have some assorted clips of contest / post contest feats for your viewing pleasure 






Meet PRs for most of our lifters and some very impressive results from first time competitors Roy Golden & Issac Newton- both of these guys will be monsters in the coming seasons 

Three guys took medals from our venue and as I predicted Team Texas All-Star Tanner Merkle takes the W & remains the heaviest hitter in both Armlifting & GSI 2 years in a row. 

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