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Dead Lift Objective 405# Minimum

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Luke Whippo

Speed squats - 225 x 10, no rest, 255 x 3, no rest, 275 x 5, no rest 145 clean - 6 overhead presses.

Floor pressing for speed reps, very light, still a newbie...........


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Luke Whippo

Dead Lifts

220 x 2

270 x 1

320 x 1

370 x 1

435 x 1 (didn't feel as good as usual), 420 x 1 - comfy but a little slow.

I'm thinking I need to turn up some volume in the 420-440 range. I was overall disappointed, but I felt the right muscles getting worked.

Long way from a Viking, so more eskimo stuff........

Found a part two of the "don't eat the yellow snow suite", just a different year and some "visual aid"......


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Luke Whippo

Revisited some old lifts........

Messed around with log press 12" log up to just over 190.

Bottom up squat with 315 for a couple singles.

Finished with 225 x 15 for some speed reppin.

FINALLY I found this video, I've been looking for this for a long time. I couldn't find this bastard because it's named "King Kong", while it begins with King Kong, it turns into what I was looking for, called "Sexually Aroused Gas Mask", a brilliant piece of work ...............


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Luke Whippo

Couple things, This was 6 days from last DL day, I usually DL every 7 days. I'm actually posting a lifting video today, just to give a visual of how I lift all the time, no flexy tricky bars, no cranking of belts.

I wanted to add more singles to get better at heavier singles, on my 3rd set (I usually don't do 3 sets) I elevated the bar ontop of a 25 and 11# plate, this was just enough to make the lift a tad harder by taking some legs out but no overly changing the lift, this was just to get a feel so I stayed with 420, I plan to maybe go 10-20# heavier on it, it's actually a harder start for me and should be used as a training tool for pulling singles, not to be abused with too much overloading.

I feel my problem is my start, I start with too low hips, I should be starting with hips a tad higher, this is why I elevated the lift, I will continue to work on both of these every week now.


Set 1, 425-

Set 2, 430-

Elevated Dead 420, harder to get started, but felt very comfy once I got it going - 


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