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Mikes grip log


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going to try keeping  a log here, usually write things down in a notebook  




Sorinex saxon bar 3 inch

135 by 10
145 by 9 

did higher reps today because went heavy last week, max was 185 by 1 

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after squats

2.5 inch bss trilo, weights only 

130 l by 10, r by 9

135 L by 9 r by 7

2&3/8 inch dumbbell by 4, 


lower back was stiff today   Had dry needling done afterwards 


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trilo 2.5 inch 130 L by 10 r by 8

135 L by 9 r by 5.  Right finger is cut on the calluses. 

trilo 3inch  thumbless 100 by 8-10


flask 50 by 2 by 10. Light n easy. First time doing in a while. 

Black gripper level 6 by 6  Did some wArm ups felt light. 

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10/17/20 Huge block pr today

saxon all done conventional stance. For me this is a lot harder. 125 by 5   135 by 2 by 5

blob  42.5 slippery blob. right hand by 4,3 reps  then helped set   Left hand had to assist for three sets    Had this blob for ten years and never lifted it until today.  Have not tried lifting it in the past two months, been concentrating on Saxon for the past 18 months  and was finally able to lift this blob.   


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