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I also have a copy of Shamrocks book and it is a goood read.That Karelin looks hell of an athlete .Is Brock Lesner about the same size , imagine those two animals having a go at each other !!

In Britain in the seventies we had a tremendous Judoka called David Starbrook ,he was about 200 - 210 lbs of pure muscle and he was another animal , tremendously strong and fit.He used to tell the super heavies in British squad training what he was going to throw them with in randori and and then throw them with ease !! These men were over 300 lbs , knew what was coming but still couldn't stop Starbrook throwing them!!

One of the pupils i teach Judo and grappling to enters mixed martial arts events and has trained with a lot of the big names , his favorite being Frank Shamrock , he said he was a very nice and genuine guy.

That fighting stuff is too rough for me though !!!

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