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Strong day(for me) with the grippers.

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king crusher

No #4 or ghp 9-10 closes here lol but pretty happy with these.


Had one of those days where the grippers felt easy so I went for my MM3 replica which is rated 172 by cannon.

This equals my best attempt years ago but at a much lower bodyweight.  I took it down this far at about 233lbs or so but I'm only about 207 now. I got it to about 1/8" at least. Of course it opens up a bit right away when you're at a max.

I tried my Elite rated 166 after this and it was literally a hair from closing. So close only I knew it didnt close because I couldn't feel it. I know for a fact this would have closed if I did it first. 

Lastly I went for a PR on my #3 and got one.  Hit 10 reps after the mm3 and elite attempts. The 3 felt pretty light in comparison!


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