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Monster Curl Bar


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I just bought a AASS axle and was very happy with the price and shipping time now I have my eye on the monster curl bar. I’m undecided on the handle, solid or revolving? Any reviews or input?

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I was thinking the monster curl bar would be an interesting variation for lying/standing tricep extensions. Anyways since there wasn’t any replies to this post and after watching some Adam Glass videos I decided to purchase the Arm Assassin wrist wrench.

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I have one.  Love it!  More versatile than I thought.  Enjoy man. 


Side note...  Super happy with AASS.  I've had Lucas make me a few custom pieces, and later ended up on his site.  I love how thought out he is with what he creates.  All 10 odd pieces I have from him feel great to use.  Can't say enough good things about what he does and his communication. 

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Dimitar Nenkov
On 11/10/2020 at 10:31 PM, gerryg said:

I ended up buying one, 2”

handles 12” apart. 


Looks great 

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