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Since the Armlifting Contest was canceled at the Arnold, Armlifting USA allowed us to put on a freebie. After coming home from the Arnold on Sunday afternoon, I put on a contest at my gym at 5pm. There were 4 of us that participated: Jason and Melissa Dingey, my wife Sara and myself. Silver Bullet, Apollon's Axle, Rolling Thunder and Saxon Bar.

Not sure if competing at the Rogue Record Breakers and walking around Columbus for 3 days had anything to do with it but the wife and I were both drained. That being said, my training #s have been going the wrong way lately. As such, no prs were had by me.

Sara did manage a nice little pr on Silver Bullet. Putting up 2.4sec on a #2 gripper. This was her only pr of the contest.

Melissa and Jason came in ready to murder some numbers. Melissa hit some new prs on axle (230lbs), RT(110lbs) and saxon bar (110lbs).

Jason finished with 3 massive prs: 17.8sec with a #4 Silver Bullet, 420lb axle and 240lb saxon bar. 

Although my numbers could have been a lot better it was a fun spur of the moment contest. The next contest I put on will be sometime this summer. Now time to get back to training 



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18 minutes ago, JasonD said:

I was very disappointed about the Arnold contest cancellation, but this made me feel better. Thanks, Mike!


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