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Your Most Treasured Gripper

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The GHP9 I bought in 2017 was rated by myself. 2019 rating RGC.



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5 minutes ago, cheng liu said:

This is my 2013 grip HG350 pounds, and I just tested RGC176 last year, which is the first grip I bought in my life and there was also an HG200



I like that golden spring. Could I ask which is the distance between the handles (in mm)?

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Fist of Fury

Sold all of them :D

Only gripper I had a grudge against was my first RB gripper. Could never close it, bought it to bridge the gap between the #2 and #2.5. When I rated it years later it came out at 137 lbs :laugh and by that time I could already close it.
It was a fun gripper because it was quite far from the norm for that gripper model.

I don't have any grippers that I like more than others. All grippers I have now are grippers I think is good to train with. The most valuable I have now (for training) is a Tetting Elite spring which I use with old style Silvis T-Rex handles which has smooth knurling. It's usable in the range of 145-180, which is nice.


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As an honorable mention I'd like to include my Left Turn COC #2. I didn't like the distance between the handles and the torsion spring's center, which initially was 3mm on the fixed leg and 4 in mobile leg. I decided to cut both spring's legs at about 2mm, being the new distance 1 and 2 mm respectively.

It feels a couple of pounds heavier when I close it. Just to give you a reference. Before cutting the legs I could close it about 13 times using a parallel setting. Today I just can close it at most 7 times in a good day using the same setting method.





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