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Guest woody36

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Guest woody36


       In terms of poundage what would be the

differance between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled if they

are both the same width and diameter.

  also who do you think would win in a fight

 Superman (the man of steel) or The Hulk (big green man)

ps. You need only answer the first question.


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Tom Black

    Would you believe I have an exact answer.  I tested both the Ironmind Blue and a hot rolled steel bar of the same width and thickness (6”x1/4”).  The results are HERE on my homepage.  The hot rolled steel was stock that seems slightly harder than the Ironmind white, which I have very few of now.  I hung 200-pounds off of it to get it to bend ¼”.  I hung 260-pounds off the cold rolled Ironmind Blue to get it to bend the same amount.  Thus, it is 30% more difficult to bend the cold rolled than the hot rolled.  Keep in mind this is for only a ¼” bend, to bend the bar to the sticking point takes another 30% more force.  I only tested one nail all the way to the sticking point, it took 250-pounds to bend ¼” and 320-pounds to bend it 1.75”.  It could be that the hot rolled stock does not have the same characteristics as the cold once the initial bend starts, but it feels about the same to me, other than it is weaker overall.

    Definitely Superman.  

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Guest woody36


        As always thanks for the reply,i've read that

article twice and it never occured to me to use it as a

reference when i thought of the question.

I'm asking so many questions and reading so much

on the Grippage and on your Website that it's all

becoming a blur.

 regarding the Superman thing,the next time i bend

 some steel i'm going to put my underwear on the


 (It worked for him)

        thanks again.


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