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Six 5kg ohp & female 150kg p/h farmers walk

Paul Savage

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Paul Savage

Not at her strongest now on anti biotics with a chest infection and competed last week but Becca did 150kg/330lb a hand farmers walk. Couldn't complete the course as the pick up was way too hard, normally it's a lot stronger but think this is the most any female has ever done (she's a month out from worlds strongest woman). She also did five 5kg plate pinch afterwards, first try no problem haha an I've hardly been able to train lately but gave five a go and to my surprise they went up really easy so went for six and actually did them really easy too right before this video, doing them again for the camera I didn't have the plates in the right position and with these kind of plates it's crazy wide so any little bit off and the plates bow but still managed a lift at least. I trained for this lift for a long time a good while back and only ever managed 6 inch so was very surprised to get them at all.


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Florian Kellersmann

The Farmers walk was great!

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