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My grip adventure

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Thumbless axle

Singles up to 150.5 PR miss on 158 


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Hello!  My name is Thom and I am 27 years old from Sweden. Weighing in at 115kg on my 192cm.  I've been into grip for 1 year and 4 months almost on the day. Outside of grip I have been doing

My wonderful wife and kids made this frame for me as fsthers day present. My cert #3 and my 3 homemade grippers with my middle name and the kids name. Now hung next to the TV in the livingroom. Blesse

Axle DoH 75x5 115x3 155x2 185x1 190x0 170x1 155x5 115x5 thumbless  Bench 20x10 40x10 60x10 80x10 100x9 100x8 100x6

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Bending DO 

7mm nail x2 

8mm HRS Antons bar 1 

8mm stainless 180mm PR 1 

8mm Hex 0 

So got the job done on the 8mm stainless bit tendinitis flaired up hard so the hex was a no go. Also the kink is where I am having trouble so perhaps I am not there yet :)



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Fatgripz Extreme
135 PR
137.5 PR

Barbell Row 90x10x4
Machinerow 12x4
Bicepscurls Ez stång 27x10x5



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Bending DO 

7mm nail x2 

8mm Rebar 200mm x1 PR 

8mm HEX CRS 4 attempts got a small small kink on the first hit 


Reverse wraps touching g5 166k 20 degrees tired af 


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