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So I bought a bunch of grippers


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This is the beginning of my foray into grippers, I did have some grippers years ago but I only used them twice before they got misplaced when I moved house, so I bought some more in the last few weeks and tried them out today.

I've been off the tools for over ten years so all things considered I think I'm probably just below average for someone who's worked with their hands, which was about what I'd expected seeing I don't use my hands a lot anymore.

I got a set of five CoC grippers (from ebay) and a CoC no 1.5 & a GHP no4 from a local store selling grip gear (not one of the forum sponsors, so I'm not sure if I should mention the name of the company here). I wasn't sure if the ebay grippers would have been legit as I've read a few stories about knockoff products being sold on ebay. So the CoC no 1.5 and the GHP no4 were purchased to try to determine if the ebay grippers were legit.

So my results
Coc No 1 - Closed it first try with my right hand but it took a few attempts to close it with my left.
CoC No 1.5 (two from different sources) - Closed them both first time with my right, and again took a few attempts with my left. They felt pretty much the same as the CoC No 1
GHP No 4 - Missed with both hands on my first try. I took a few minutes to recover and psyched myself up and then I was able to just close it with my right hand and missed by about 5mm with the left.
CoC No 2 - Missed by about 5mm with my right and it missed by about 12mm with my left. It just wasn't going to happen.

I didn't even bother to take the No 2.5 or No 3 out of their packets.

They were a bit tough on the knuckles for the first few attempts but that seemed to settle down by the time I was done with the 1.5's and my hands feel quite good now. So it seems like I'm not genetically gifted and not disadvantaged either, so maybe if I stick with it and get a half decent training scheme I could aim for the No 3 cert some time in the distant future.

I've just about finished building a rating device so I'll get that done today and I'll have some numbers to work with and then I'll know for sure where I am.

Thanks for reading.


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Hell yeah dude. Closing a CoC 1.5 right off the bat is respectable. Eyes on the #3. 👍🏻

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king crusher

Good job. Looking forward to seeing your rating device.  They seem pretty easy to make.

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Thanks guys!

I'm not a total novice when it comes to grip strength, certainly not at the advanced level though.  I've got a few other grip toys that I've made myself that work open hand grip strength and they would certainly have some carry over to crush grip. I've a couple of wrist wrenches and pullup bars with revolving handles, I haven't used them for about a year but all that sort stuff would have helped a bit.

I got the rating device finished, I'm just waiting for the paint to dry and I'll get it mounted and run a few tests.

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