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GGR Gripper Certification

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The website www.Griffkraft-Deutschland.de launched a new gripper certification!

Full list of certified athletes: http://www.griffkraft-deutschland.de/ggr


1. What is GGR? - GGR means German Grip Rating and is calculated by your RGC Rating, spring diameter and spread. Example: RGC = 65kg, spring is 0,725cm and the spread is 7,5cm. This wil get you a GGR of 65 * 0,725 * 7,5 = 353,438. This number is the difficulty of a certain gripper to close and I think it's pretty close to how heavy the gripper really feels.

2. What is the purpose of this new certification? - It shall create a better comparability between the the different gripper and gripper brands. Every gripper varies in strength, spread and spring. The rating of a gripper is just one part to the success. A narrow gripper with 150lbs is easier to close compared to a normal gripper with 150lbs.

3. Can I use any grippers for the certification? - Yes, as long as the gripper is rated by CannonPowerWorks or Griffkraft-Deutschland.de.

4. How can I certify myself? - The full set of rules can be found here: Rules

5. Do we really need another certification? - That depends fully on yourself. If you want to certify then please be welcomed and compare yourself with other athletes and if you don't want this certification than it is quite alright also!

6. Can I also close a gripper with just the rating and without measuring? - Yes! But not for the GGR certification. If you close a rated gripper with your favored set then your close will be listed on our RGC list here: http://www.griffkraft-deutschland.de/gripper

7. Everything is in german! Why? - Because the page is mainly focused on german athletes. Everything that maybe interesting for international athletes is also avaiable in english or is avaiable in other threads on this board.

8. Example close with both hands: Instragram Post

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