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Guy and gals, I am having difficulty standing fully erect while doing RT, block weight and saxon bar training. It doesn't seem to be a grip issue, but more of a lower back leg strength issue, could this be?


Is it a form issue? Should I start more straight backed?

Other exercise ideas for lower back?

Or am I mistaken and it's a grip issue?


I wanted to include a video for evaluation and input, but alas, no camera last night

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Pretty hard to tell with just the description.  Could be low back - upper back - shoulders etc.  Can you straighten up with very light weight on the RT?  That might tell you something?

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Yeah, everything but my heavier sets, and boy is my lower back and hips burnt after a workout

I've never been a good deadlifter, but I can do significantly more in a conventional deadlift than I can RT (up until the grip fails of course)


Alright, looks like i'll have to get some video!

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After some evaluation by friends in the gym, the answer has become clear.


It is a grip issue.


Time to back off the weight and check my ego.


Better to know now and start right, then cheat myself

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