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Beginner Road to No.2 close

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Use grease the groove on the #1. Maybe 20-30 singles each day. Then after 5 days or so, rest for a couple of days. Then file your #1 to the point it becomes somewhat challenging to close and do it all over again, although maybe half the volume this time. Then rest until fresh and you will probably smash your #2. Train your extensors a little bit every day. 

If not just try to close the #2 each workout for a couple attempts/workouts untill you do so. Repping the #1 when you can easily close it for singles would not be the best approach, and I'll add imo to that :)

I closed the #2 easily after around 2 weeks I think using this approach. 

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Rcundy01, I have noticed two instances when my crush grip has noticeably increased. The first was when I took a week off from all training and allowed for an extended recovery. When I returned to training I was able to TNS close the #1.5 after previously closing it with about a 35-40 mM set. The second was after incorporating plate wrist curls into my routine. I believe these were in good part responsible for me being able to close the #2 with a fairly wide set. I am currently working on a #2 TNS and a #2.5 deep set. With these goals in mind I started adding some levering to my workouts.
In short, my suggestions are to be mindful of your gripper workout frequency and to consider supplementary exercises.

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