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Wimpy newb training log

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Wrist extensions with 17.5 lbs, seems like a good working weight. 13-17 reps. Wrist curls still with 35lbs, not sure to increase this or not, did about 15 reps. 4 working sets. 

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Had a nice 2 day weekend for recovery.

Did reverse curls with 17.5 lbs, tried for 10-15 reps and then did zottman curls as high as i could or until 20. 4 sets, but i was really busy and took extended breaks between. 

Also did some sidewinder work, not really intense but putting in some volume throughout the day.

Forearms are still the same measurement, but I swear they are looking more 3 dimensional. Probably looks exactly the same to onlookers though. 

Im gonna be super, super busy the next month but will try keeping my workouts going. Really want that 3 month mark, and 6 month.

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whoa... wrist flexors are sore from the gripper work i did two days ago. I underestimated the hypotrophic effects of grippers.


Working thors hammers, 10 pounds for ulnar and radial and 7.5 for rotations. Also doing sidewinder work

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So I've been extremely busy with my new career. I haven't forgotten about my forearms though 😉 Many people out here give death grip handshakes and it seems important I establish my dominance.

my only workouts have been with 25lb hex dumbells, doing hammer curls, zottman and partial range reverse curls, wrist curls and isometric wrist extensions (not quite strong enough to extend 25lbs for any useful range of motion. I also kind of get a Thor's hammer effect by gripping the dumbell closer on one side. 

Been using the side winder to supplement but I need to get me some new fun gear with all this $$$.

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