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Martin Gaisser

1/4” x 5 1/2” G5 Reverse

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Martin Gaisser

Got the 6” the last day I did reverse so I cut her down a half.  Probably could have went an inch but I’ll get that next workout hopefully. Sorry for having to splice the video I got a call and it shut my camera off.  And not being able to use a protractor. Lol. I’m not used to measuring degrees on my bends since I’m new to this style.  Ok off to do some DO training.  :rock

Oh and I ordered some digital calipers today so if and when I start doing some bigger bends I can start measuring the pieces and include the wrapping and all.  Didn’t figure anyone wanted to see all that especially with this lightweight stuff. 

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Grade 5 ”D” bolt? Never seen them before. Great reverse bend Martin!

*cough* Bastard in every way *cough* before the end of 2018 *cough*


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