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2018 February - SJ's Four-For-February - Rich Cottrell

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SJ's "Four-For-February"
Date: Saturday, February 24th, 2018
Promoter's Names:  Nathaniel and Maureen Brous
Location:  South Jersey's  Brous House Gym

To start this review one should note: I was not there.

I was working a Philadelphia 76ers game the day of the contest so I did not get to Nate's house till 9pm, well past the end of most any gripping, and only a few people were left at the house.  Even though i live semi-close to Nate -- the end of Dec and Jan were very busy months -- so except for visiting him the night before the contest, we had not seen each other in a few months.
I am not going to start my full "Trip-less Report" till later this week, but I wanted to at least be the first person to post one.  By missing 100% of the gripping there is no way I will win the best trip report this year!   But once again, with his wife blessings, Nate went out of his way to put on a great day for grip.

This morning, as people fly home, drive home, or get on buses; it is raining hard here in Philly and South Jersey.
It is still raining at my home hours into the afternoon. 
As the water beats down on my roof, I am still crying... I missed another grip gathering at the Brous House of Grip.

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You did make the after party and was one of the two last man standing after I fell asleep on the floor talking - definitely get honorable mention for that - also the morning rummage - I don't know for sure who was the last man standing between you and McCarter but I am going to assume it was McCarter cuz he was just oozing victory this weekend - glad to see you as always Rich!

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