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Gripboard Rules


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Please note rule #4.

Rules of the GripBoard

1. Posts, avatars, and signatures may not contain: profanity, flaming, personal attacks, nudity, spam, rants, debates, politics, negativity, fund-raisers, or advertisements.

2. World Class feats must be supported with video evidence. Posts without proof will be locked until proof is provided.

3. Posting of copyrighted material without consent of the owner of the material is not allowed.

4. We do not talk about performance enhancing drugs on the GripBoard.

5. No posting of explicit instructions and pictures on how to build "knock-off" equipment made by any company (not just sponsors).

6. Private messages are PRIVATE on the Internet. Reposting ANY parts of a message received via a private messaging system, emails, etc., without permission that is related to GRIPBOARD in any way (posting, bans, etc.) will result in an immediate lifetime ban.

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