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Hey guys, I was wondering if this was a decent training scheme for arm wrestling, with the forearm training on one day and the upper arm on the other day.

But yeah please lemme know what you think, and any questions I'll try to answer about it, also, any advice or feedback is highly appreciated.

By the way, the Adv Strap thing is from Devon Larratt's video here: 

Forearm Training
Pronation, Supination, Post (Backwards) & Chop (Forwards)
4 x 8 - Dumbell/Resistance Band
5 x 20 Dumbell/Resistance Band
3 x 50 Dumbell/Resistance Band
3 x 100 Dumbell/Resistance Band
Upper Arm  Training
Cupping, Static & ROM
3 x 8 Pullups
4 x 20 - 30 Pushups
4 x 30 sec Adv Strap Hand
4 x 10 - 15 sec Adv Strap Thumb
3 x MAX 1 Arm Assisted Adv Strap Hand
3 x MAX Assisted Adv Strap Thumb
3 x 8 Partial Curls
2 x 60 sec Static Hold
4 x 20 Full - Half curls - Holding the bar inbetween the thumb and knuckle (pointing finger)
3 x 12 Cupping Resistance Band
3 x 30 - 50 Cupping Dumbell

Maybe some more cup training?

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