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COC#3 training

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Ole' Puller

Haven't posted in a bit due to my work schedule, but I'm not skipping workouts either! Getting closer to shutting the CoC #3 utilizing my training program. What has made the biggest improvements is embracing other lifts within gripsport. The 2 1/2 inch trilobite handle, hub, stirrup and key pinch lifts have exposed muscle imbalances which I'm happy about. My knowledge of training comes from shot and hammer throwing as well as armwrestling, however gripsport is very unique in that it involves total hand strength and development of connecting muscles and tendons and easily exploits weaknesses! I truly love this because at 48 years of age, I'm learning again and that's very rewarding to me. Right now my training looks like this:


Grippers: Isometric holds, COC #3, 8 good singles held for 5-7 seconds.

Single or double handed pinching. Any type (plate, pinch block etc.) I alternate between max singles and reps (5 with a timed hold of 7 seconds on the last rep of each set) from week to week.


Hub lifts, several sets, alternating between singles and reps from week to week.


Trilobite rolling handle, 2 1/2, again alternating between singles and reps weekly, several sets.


Wrist work, any type, several sets. Active recovery, gyro ball, rubber bands and stretching.


Grippers, T-REX, 10 coin (quarters) setting, working down to 5 quarters for as many reps without going to failure. Reps are done explosively. Once this becomes too easy, I'll progress to less coins.

Key pinch lifts: I'll either use the iron mind hub and do a double key pinch or the dubecube and work any of the three attachments. I'll do several sets and alternate between singles or reps weekly.


Wrist work, any type and active recovery.


Total rest!

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