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COC#3 training

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Ole' Puller

Gripper training last week ending: 09/24/17

Isometric holds: (Monday) (heavy) 5 x 5-7 second holds with 5 minutes rest in between. 

CC setting / Reps: (Friday) (light/medium) 3 - 5 sets x 8 reps. First rep is with a gripper that I can shut from a CC set, immediately followed by 7 reps from a parallel set. I emphasize speed and force when doing them and on the last rep of each set, I hold for a course of 3 while squeezing as hard as I can.

Gripper training this week ending 09/29/17

COC #3 attempts: (Monday) 4 sets x 1 rep. I'll get the handles as close as I can then force it closed with the aid of my free hand and squeeze very hard for a count of 3.

CC setting/reps: (Friday)(light/medium) 3 sets x 2 reps (CC set COC#2) superset with COC#2.5 X 3 reps from 20 mm done fast / hard squeeze on the last rep for 3 seconds.

I will alternate the two slightly different sessions to keep things fresh. I'll also experiment with the T-Rex gripper routine outlined by BenCrush to another member. It should fit right in with my second gripper session. I find the routine to be well thought out and sensible. I believe it could be of a great help to me and I'm thankful that he posted it. 


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