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Training for the #3

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Ole' Puller

Here's an overview of a routine I put together with some help to get me to the COC #3. In between I throw in stretching, rubber band work and arm wrestling specific exercises which I learned during my arm wrestling days. I don't pull much anymore .. love the sport and I'll still hook up here and there, but between work, family and past injuries, something had to give. I still do the exercises though which revolves around wrist and finger work. 

Monday: Number 3 attempts/Isometric holds on a Tetting WC.

• 3 attempts at a CC set on the #3

• 8 sets of 5 second isometric holds on a Tetting WC.

Tuesday: Active recovery.

• Stretching

• Cupping wrist curls (thumbless) with an extremely wide diameter steel roller. I'll add 15 lbs. on each side plus the weight of the roller and go for 3 sets of 20 reps. Each week I'll alternate the types of wrist and finger work to keep things fresh.

Wednesday: CC set Practice. I don't have experience in CC setting, only from a parallel distance.

• Set 1-COC 2.5, CC set, full close.

  Set 2-COC 2, parallel set, 5 fast reps.

I'll repeat this cycle 4 times.

Thursday: Active recovery. 

• Stretching

• Band work 

• Pinch work (Any type), a few sets.

Friday: Speed reps.

• 6 sets of 8 reps, fast hard closes with a #2 done from a CC set.

Saturday: Thumb work, any type (stub lifts, pony clamp etc) a few sets.

Sunday: Greasing the groove/active rest.

• Stretching

• Lighter gripper closes with a BB master (wide spread), singles done throughout the day, several in total.

I know this may seem like a lot but I have always responded better with training frequency and I will make the adjustments as needed to this program if I feel I am not making any progress or I'm not getting sufficient rest.  I have a background in shot put, hammer throwing and arm wrestling, however grip sport itself is fairly new to me. It's only been two years since I began and I've had to work around a busy work schedule in the world of construction management. I turn 49 this year and I'm looking forward to learning all I can about grip sport (especially grippers). Through arm wrestling and work, I've obtained a good foundation, but I'm truly humbled by the amazing feats accomplished by other members of this group. I'm totally open to advice and constructive criticism, other than actual training, it's the only way to get better. Thanks guys!

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