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Quest for the COC #3 cert.

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Ole' Puller

Hey guys .. just joined this group because where better to go than this group for advice and the possibility of advancing knowledge in the world of grip.  I have a background in arm wrestling, shot put and hammer throwing and while I never became professional they were wonderful years and as I'm fast approaching 49 years of age it's never been truer what many old timer say about the grip being the last to go as you become an older man. I most definitely want to capitalize on this and offer myself many many more years of strength training.  Right now my goal is to certify on the IM COC #3 but I've decided to take a bit of a step back after closing the 2.5 from a parallel set and realizing that I have never really trained the credit card set. It would probably be wise to put my ego in the backseat and take things in stride and train specifically for the CC set. I can close the COC #2 from a CC set for a triple which isn't great or anything but it's something to go by. I'm currently training grippers 3 times a week with 2 active recovery days. I find that workout frequency works best for me. I don't know if it's because I've grown older or maybe that's just what works best concerning gripper training, but one way or another I'll get better at this or die trying! Any help will most definitely be appreciated. Thanks guys, stay strong and healthy!

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