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Training through back injury and did anyone tested huge handed people in grip?

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14870239721111494578120.thumb.jpg.f5547be1d3e12dd307db670b47f8c407.jpgSo as my progress began to show well I finally decided to check the doctor and did MRI scan for my back pain because of deadlifts. Seems my last disc mived a bit to the left. No problem, doc said 3 to 4 weeks of physiotherapy and all will be fixed. So I am planning to just bench, push ups,  pull ups, grippers and bending. Anyone hand a similar experience and what helps them? 

Second, as you can see in the pic (sorry for the not so clear photo if needed I can upload a clear one tomorrow) the huge man is really huge. Ok the other local man is uncle of Sheikh Hamdan and is not that tall. Maybe 165cm or so. But still can anyone see the difference in hand size? The thumb alone of the giant is almost as big as the local man hands. I will try to find this man and get him to my gym to try things. He seems easily above 7'5".

My question for this is, anyone met a giant and tested his grip? 

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Adressing your back problem:

Step 1: Start with

Planks and Side Planks

Step 2: after 3 weeks include a

A back friendly squat variation - Goblet Squats full movement in your schedule, dont go to failure 

Step 3: 2 weeks after including squats add

Glute Bridges, adductors/abductors

Step 4: 2-3 weeks later beginn to 

strengthening the erector spinae:

4.1 start with Reverse Hypers after a while include

4.2 loading pin rows, start with light weight and dont go to failure, strict form 

No Deadlift, no back squats, dont do much sitting its pure poison for your back, when you sit use a pillow to straighten your back, use a foam roller, use arnika gel

back reha its a science in itself and a one to one consultation would be best, advise in a forum has its limitations but this should guide you in the right direction









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