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GD Iron Grip 90 Adjustable RGC Ratings


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Its a really good training tool.

you can used it for a standalone gripper or a bridge gripper.

I sometimes use it on the off days or weekends

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5 hours ago, ShelluvstheMostHigh said:

A good day to you brother and very nice   Mattek.


Wow! :) Looks like GD company finally listened to us grip fanatics on suggestions to for their Irongrip models Mattek and updated the new line- lol. I know the 2020-2021 GD 90s level 6 RGC were hitting 80-88kg or more with the points. So perhaps the new ones will deep 84-88kg or even better if they can actually touch now. I think my level 6 is definitely hitting an RGC of 170-173 or better. Feels almost as strong as my  GHP8 which is rated RGC 179 from CPW :). I hope we see more RGC tests of GD90s with the new design and see if any hit 88-90kg or more. Gripmania tested a 2020 GD90 and even without the handles touching and with the points that one at  level 6 hit  RGC# 81kg(178lbs). His RGC Videos are on youtube all. So hopefully that means most of the ones that were made during the 2018-2020 years were coming in at  a Lvl 6 range of 77-85kg RGC. And thats definitely some serious strength right there to train with or close. 



I filed down the black stoppers, and that's the only reason the handles can touch now. Maybe they changed manufacturers for the spring and that's why the handles can touch even on Level 6 (compared to earlier versions), but I highly doubt it's intentional 😄.


If I would have to guess, Level 5 is around RGC ~140lbs (64kg) on mine with the handles touching. I can't close Level 6 so I can't really approximate that. Maybe I'll send it to Cannon for rating, because the extensions and the adjustable spread makes it a really versatile tool. 

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