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2017 Goals

Paul Markowski

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16 hours ago, David_wigren said:

Thank you my friend. I’ve been following your stuff as well. Your post usually acts as a good reminder for me that I need to work my legs more, haha. Doubt I could squat 150 kg with proper depth anymore. Let alone rep 200 kg. Yes, I recommend it. I think you’d be kickass in it! Especially in the power oriented version of it where you focus alot on different forms of flags, lifts and flips. IMO it’s THE definitive form of physical training. You have to be strong in all angles and in all ranges of motion. You also have to have good balance and flexability. Some people have their preconceived ideas on it. But they usually get quiet once I show them that I can do human flags with another person standing on top of me.

Flag with someone standing on you is really cool!! Is it a lot harder than a regular flag? I've always wondered... I'm definitely going to work on my bodyweight strength more in the next few months so I'll see how that goes :) 

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On 11/7/2017 at 5:56 PM, Alawadhi said:

Answers above in RED

Here is the video a double blob. Half of my goal at least. One Fatman and one Gordon v. And I also attempted Fatman blob clean attempt. Almooooost 



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