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Path to the COC 3 Cert

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Feb 18th 2017

(Gripper Singles + Doubles)


Gripper singles (5x1 w/3 sec hold)

Right - (T-Rex @ 4 quarter depth) 5 successful singles with 3 sec holds (PR for 4 quarter depth)

Left - (COC 2.5 @ 124) 5 successful singles with 3 sec holds


Gripper Doubles: (5x2 with 2 sec hold on last rep)

Right - (COC 2.5 @ 124) 5 sucessful doubles with 2 sec hold

Left - (T-Rex @ 8 quarter depth) 5 succesfull doubles with 2 sec hold


Extra set: 

Right - (COC 2.5 124) 1 set of 5 (PR)


Was going to take the day off today as I'm traveling, but decided to bring my grippers with me and hit a workout. Felt really good, first time hitting the T-rex @ 4 quarter depth, not sure where that would rate out to, but feels around 135ish? Either way, hit a "as many reps as possible" set to finish the entire workout and got 5 reps which is a big-time PR! 7 weeks ago I barely managed 1 close with it, so something is working. Rest day tomorrow, then flask + hubbing again on Monday!

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Here's a video I took today during some testing.  Ben, is this the gripper you were talking about? http://cannonpowerworks.com/products/t-rex   124.mp4

Hey guys, recently had surgery to repair a full pec rupture, and am now getting to the point where I can start lifting again seriously, and getting bit by the grip bug again. Certifying on the COC 3 h

I can explain the penny adjustments in a short video. It is very basic. But a great and accurate tool for measuring progress. 

Posted Images

Did a little testing with the dub-hub tonight. Managed a PR with both hands on both the deep and shallow side. After watching the video of the deep side PR, it didn't really show too well once I uploaded it (lost some quality, and scale is either broken or just bad at certain angles - it came this way, so not sure), but oh well, I'll hit 75lbs next time and get a clearer shot!


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Great hub work dude

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15 hours ago, Chez said:

Great hub work dude

What he said! Very impressive lifting.

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Feb 22nd 2017

(Gripper Singles + Doubles or triples)


Gripper singles (4x1 w/3 sec hold)

Right - (T-Rex @ 4 quarter depth) 4 successful singles with 3 sec holds

Left - (COC 2.5 @ 124) 4 successful singles with 3 sec holds


Gripper Triples: (3x3)

Right - (COC 2.5 @ 124) 3 sucessful triples 

Left - (T-Rex @ 8 quarter depth) 3 succesfull triples


Felt nice going from doubles to triples with the same gripper as last workout, so some progress is being made there. Taking a few days off, then hitting a grip meet-up in Portland at Jared Goguen's place. He's got so much cool stuff, I'm really looking forward to testing some of his blobs, and hopefully lift the baby inch, but I don't know, we'll see!

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Feb 25th 2017

Had a great time down at Jared Goguen's place, training some grip with a few locals. Knocked off a few PRs for myself, really cool that he had a ton of things I don't get a chance to train with, and got to play with them.

These were my PRs/mini-feats while there:

- lifted the baby inch (137) with both hands

- PR blob lift @ 46.1lbs

- Facelifted the the 46.1 blob

- officially close my first COC 3 (albeit a VERY light 139)

- leadboard on barrel strength stirup (172?)


so overall, was a great time, and glad to knock out some PRs, now back to training!

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Feb 27th 2017

(Flask + hub)

2 hand flask (4x3 @ 80%)

- 4 sets of 3 @ 130lbs


Dub-hub (deep side - 4x10sec hold @ 60%)

Right: 4x10sec holds at 44lbs

Left: 4x10sec holds at 34lbs


Good solid workout, pretty sore from gripping at Jared's today, but needed to get it in because I won't have a chance the next couple days. 



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March 1, 2017

(Gripper singles/doubles)

Gripper singles (3x1 w/5 sec hold)

Right: (trex @ 3 quarter depth) - 3 successful singles w/5 sec hold (pr)

Left: (coc 2.5 124) - 3 successful singles w/5 sec hold


Gripper doubles (4x2 w/2 sec hold)

Right: (coc 2.5 124) 4 successful sets of 2 w/2 sec hold

Left: (trex @ 7 quarter depth) 4 successful sets of 2 w/2 sec hold


Anyone have any idea what 3 quarter depth would be in the range of? My guess is 135ish, but not sure. Also, silvis says the trex at the hardest point rates around 145, what is considered this point? Handle depth right against the spring?

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March 2nd, 2017

(Hub + flask)

Dub-hub (deep side)(5x3)

Right - 5 sets @ 59lbs x 3

Left: 5 sets @ 47lbs x 33

Flask (4x10sec @ 60%)

4 successful sets of 10 sec holds @ 95lbs


Left hand hubbing is starting to feel much more comfortable. I think the gap will start narrowing more soon. Will get some extra lighter work on Saturday, as I'll be running a little grip contest on Ft. Lewis, WA. It's more just a fun time for some soldiers to come test impliments, but we will have a little leaderboard for each event with supplements from GNC as prizes for winners, so should be fun.

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On ‎1‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 4:25 AM, bencrush said:

Well, it's been almost a month and he has made some very good progress with the program.  He also bought a used Silvis Triceratops so that he could do the exact routine - namely the 5 pennies "easier" setting and working his way down the spring to harder settings from there.  Now he can really put the T-Rex to better use after getting a bit stronger.  He tested 20mm block set last month (figured it was going to be about the same as his MMS max though) and also closed the 108lb #2 - but just barely. 

Yesterday, January 20th, he CCS closed his 108lb #2 (same one that was his MMS max a month ago) with room to spare.  He missed (CCS) a 115lb gripper by a sliver.  Then, in the same workout, he 20mm block set closed a 126lb #2.5.  Beginners gains are so intoxicating.:D  I don't expect his gains to continue unabated, but he's enjoying the ride while it lasts. 

I convinced him to give the Soju and Tuba Protocol a run after a few months on my program.  http://www.strongfirst.com/upgrade-your-strength-with-the-soju-and-tuba-press-program/  He'll use a similar "setting" - about 5 pennies "easier" - on the S&T program as he is on my program. 

Here we are 5 months down the road.  He did use the Soju and Tuba Protocol for 2 months, but his gains were not very remarkable.  Then he went back to the program I wrote out and his gripper strength is soaring upward the past three months he's been back on it.  His most recent PRs from last week are: CCS closed his 141lb #3 and 20mm block set closed a 150lb #3. 

It'll be interesting to see in another 5 months where he's at.  He is pretty stoked about CCS closing a #3 - even if it's an easy one.  He tried some choker closes and closed (in a hoseclamp at parallel) a 162lb Elite. 

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