Deff Vs. Weights

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Reverse band log strict press (red bands folded over)
Up to a triple at 315
Lateral raises, front raises, other misc shoulder stuff.

Coan Phillipi Week 7
Accessories: 355, 305, 300, 285

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Dude your log is making jumps every time I check it... what program are you running for it?  Did you design a new oh program?

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Thanks Matt.

Speaking of jumps, I hit 335 today! 10lb PR

I've just been doing a progression of my top set each week (285x6, 305x4, 315x3, 325x2, 335x1) (clean once) which works out so my estimated 1rm goes up about a pound a week. Then for volume I have been hitting lots of singles, some emom and some with slightly longer breaks. Trying to dial in the form and trying (and failing) to have a consistent jerk. I still keep reverting to push press when it gets heavy though. On my 2nd press day of the week I usually do something other than log and not that hard. Monday I ended up doing heavy reverse band log press and my shoulder isn't feeling great from it, so I'll have to back off again on my Monday pressing.


Log Press
305x1 (push press, supposed to be a jerk)
335x1 (push press, supposed to be a jerk)
305x1 x5 EMOM(all failed jerks. Rightly lagged behind greatly on the pressout. Missed the last one and came back and hit it a minute later)
265x5 (clean each rep, some were actually jerks!)

I's and T's with 20lb dbs - in the 20rep range
Scapular pullups


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