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Thanks for the update. 

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A few days ago I got a chance to watch a little more of the Living Legends DVD edit....

it's coming along real nice.   The intro is almost finished, and we now have better graphics.   The first 1/4 of the competition has been edited and i truly like what I see.  

I even had Andrew and Jedd watch what we have so far so I could get some feedback for our editor.   

If you listen to Jedd's recent "This Week in Grip" podcast you can listen to Jedd's opinion on how the project is looking. 

Check out the second video of Episode Six and it's toward the end.

Jedd seamed real excited.   I must admit it felt real good to hear his reaction as I know this has taken a while to get together...

while I can not give a public demo for everyone, you can at least hear Jedd's reaction so far. Again, it's at the end of the last segment in that second video.

i did not even realize Jedd was going to mention the DVD.

thank you.

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It was REALLY Cool!

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Posted (edited)

March update:

The video is almost fully edited!  I am talking with graphics, credits, music and everything.   It is very exciting and once you see it you will be happy we did not rush this process.

  After the video is finished we will burn a few test copies onto physical DVDs to see how many different players it can play on.

Because the initial orders were low, our editor should be able to make those copies for all the people who preordered.

At a later date we will decide how any future copies will be sold and at what price.

I am still looking to make a full featured DVD.   I was wondering if anyone took pictures at the competition?  I am thinking about putting together a photo "slide show" with a audio track.  

So does anyone have good photos of the Legends Contest that they would like to show the Grip World?

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Got a preview copy to look over.  Getting close guys.  Thanks for your patience 



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I preordered when first announced.  Will I be able to choose between Blu-Ray or DVD?  I'll buy both if available.  I'll buy a Blu-Ray copy if its rendered in HD.  I'm excited!

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Posted (edited)

The Living Legends Grip Challenge.
April update:

I am happy to say, the preview copy of the Living Legends DVD looked great!

Even as I type this, a limited run of standard definition DVD discs are being made.  The few people who preordered a copy should have theirs by the end of the month...
hopefully much sooner!  
Each will be individually made by the person who edited for me.  They should look like the picture I posted the other day.

For those people who preordered a copy,  I thank you for your patience.  Once you get your copy, you should be very happy with this.  Your support was a good motivator to keep going and helped get this thing finished.  

I really need to thank Andrew Pantke for the opportunity to make an edited record of his brainchild, The Living Legends Grip Challenge.  What an amazing event he created.  I am glad to have had a small part in making a lasting document for people who were not there.  Also, for the people who were there and for all the competitors, I think this DVD will be a great memento for you.  I am sure you will want to watch it more then once.

I also would like to thank Jedd Johnson for jumping in and agreeing to facilitate the pre-orders.  He is the reason I can say you should have your copies soon.    Jedd also gave us some of his candid footage -- stuff the professional camera guys did not get--  which has been edited into a Bonus Feature on the DVD.

Financially, this DVD was a leap of faith.
In our small, yet international world of GripSport, there has never been something produced like this DVD before.  While GripSport seems to be growing, is still small and homespun.  Competitions are far from moneymakers, and they definitely do not attract the money to make things like this DVD’s production run on autopilot. 
That said, and in my opinion, FBBC’s Living Legends became a primer event so it became a great excuse to try to raise the bar.  The actual event certainty did!

While there are things I wish I could do better or differently, I think this DVD will really exceed your expectations.


Moving forward, we will work out a game plan on how future copies will be sold.  There will be a second chance to get yourself a copy if you did not preorder.  There are just a few details that still need to be worked out.


rich cottrell

Edited by richcottrell
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May update:

Video has been fully edited for a few months actually, but none of the attempts to author the DVD's passed quality control.  
Here are the 4 video chapters that should make up the finished DVD.
1) The Legends Class
This is the main competition and it is also the meat of the DVD. This part is about 40 min long.  It has music and graphics as well as individual event results along with a “leader board” that gets updated after each event.  Also included is the awards presentation.

2) The Open Class
While this part of the Living Legends was not intended to be edited, there was enough footage to make a mini video of those guys.  While every lift was not filmed, there was enough stuff for the editor to make the decision to produce a nice editorial for the Open Class.

3) The Feat Finale
This is footage that Jedd provided of the stuff those guys did after the competition.  While this is available on his youtube site,  the editor put some music to it and edited out the slower stuff to make a nice mini video.  This is the Grip Gravy.  If you watch the first two videos and then watch this part, you really get a feel like you were a spectator for the Living Legends Competition.

4) Andrew Durniat’s podcast interview
The week after the competition Andrew did the podcast "Muscle and Motivation."  The editor took some audio clips from that show, and edited it to some of the unused footage from the competition.  This was an “add on” so it is just a very short video.


OK so here is where were are at on the actual DVD’s:

The editor was never able to make a fully finished DVD. 
Burning the DVD’s was not what she was hired to do, but she had volunteered to make enough copies so we could get them to the preorder guys.  She tried, but it was her first time trying the two different DVD authoring programs. Sadly she could not get me a fully finished DVD.  Some had flawed navigation while others had compression flaws.

In her defense the one program was a crap product.  In the end American Express gave her a refund when the company would not respond to her tech support inquiries.
But she really spun her wheels trying to get that done, and we probably lost a month of our time.

The DVD burning became a frustrating experience, and I think it burnt out our editor, but I think you will like the finished video.

I got the hard drive back from her a few weeks ago.  It has the four edited video files.  I am handing over the job of the DVD burning to another person.  We will probably use a duplication house so the physical DVD might not look like the one in the picture I posted a while ago.

I will give an update next week on the expected timeline for the physical DVD’s.
Sorry for the dealys

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