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Whats so special about kettlebells

Guest Jesse Snadden

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It all depends on what your goals are. Kettlebells are great for full body workouts. In fact a lot of russian olympic lifters were trained in kettlebell exercises before using the barbells.

As far as grip goes, it would probably help your crushing grip and support grip depending on what you do with them. If you make your own then you can always use thick handles and this will definitely work the grip.

Kettlbells are fun, they come in poods instead of pounds.

Look at www.dragondoor.com

you can go to the discussion forum or look at the kettlebells for sell.

hope this helps


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Guest Daniel J

They work well if your planning to change your name to Sirge or Ivan, grow a really bushy moustache, and wear a leopard skin singlet with gladiator boots.

(yeah well some of us think that's cool)

If you wanna try a cheap version buy a solid tricep bar from the sporty good store and cut it next to the handles. You'll have two of those D-shaped handles and you can add plates to it. ( Most tricep bars I saw at the store were like 25 bucks)

I have a pair I made. They're  fun but I'm not going to use them exclusively or anything.

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