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Fist of Fury

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Fist of Fury

Going to put a lot of focus on grippers and overhead press for a while now. I will train both these four times a week. I feel more motivation than ever on grippers now after MM1. I did not expect that, so that was a pleasant surprise. 

I'm going to do grippers and OHP four days a week each, 1HP twice a week and thick bar once a week. Then do some different types of accessory work for grip and for the upper body, which I will put in rotation.

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Fist of Fury

Monday 30/9/19

Bought some new stuff to train with, one sandbag, loaded it up to 65 kg and one kettlebell. Plus some other stuff. Need to get some more sand to fill the other bag and I will probably buy another bag too, so I have at least three different weights to work with.

Some tricep and bicep work in cable machine.

Sandbag deadlifts 65 kg 5x2.

Vulcan 30 mm block set Lvl 11 - 5x10 L&R.
COC# 152# - 3x1 MMS right hand.
Vulcan 30 mm block set Lvl 11 1x10, Lvl 12 3x5 right hand.

Left hand
Inch DB negatives 2x2.
Inch trainer 68 kg - 3.5 reps.

Was going to do some presses but I slept very poorly and I was very tired and weak, So I'll do it tomorrow instead.

I have finally decided to not ever do any serious thick bar training with right hand. At least not until I can get MM2. It just doesn't work for me, my recovery is not quick enough. I might do some very light thick bar work as prehab but I will not try to get stronger at it. 


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Goran Paulinič

Regarding fatigue. Some say steroids don't work at grip sport....ahahahha.

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Fist of Fury

Tuesday 1/10/19

Rubber band extensions

30 mm block set
#1.5 - 3x5
#2 - 3x3
SM BTR - 1x5 seconds
GBI G5 - 1x1 (forced closed with LH)
Elite spring 160+ MMS attempt - nope (RH only)
Vulcan Lvl 11 - 5x10
Vulcan Lvl 12 - 3x6 (RH only)

Light face pulls and bicep curls.

Seated press - 45 kg - 7x2, 1x3. I've lost at least 10 kg of strength in presses, haven't trained it since May. Could do at least 70 kg seated back then, now my max is maybe 60. So I will start at 45 kg and use the Doug Hepburn routine. Will do volume for two weeks until I'm doing 8x3, then I will change to singles and do that for two weeks, starting at five singles and ending at eight singles every week, adding 2.5 kg on the second week for the singles. Will be interesting to see how long I can progress with it. Need to start train my triceps more again as well.

DB Row
41.35 kg - 1x8
51.35 kg - 1x5
61.35 kg - 1x5
71.35 kg - 11 reps with left arm and 6 reps with right arm. This setup is very hard for the grip because the handle is 35 mm and the plates are on there tightly, I intentionally didn't lock them hard this time but it's still much harder than all other dumbbells I've tried. 

Lat pull-down wide grip
55 kg with control, 3 sets.

1H deadlift with 25 mm RH
100 kg 1x1
95 kg 2x1

"2 DB Clean
40 kg 3x1, getting started with these again. My best clean was 48 kg with the Inch trainer and right after I did that I could lift 78 kg on the same trainer handle. I'm nowhere near that now and I know it's because I haven't trained DB cleans and my biceps.

I think pretty much all the equipment I'm using at home is harder than on most other places. I didn't plan it to be like this. It's just the way it has turned out to be :laugh

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Fist of Fury

Wednesday 2/10/19

Seated press 45 kg - 6x2, 2x3.
1H pinch 140 mm - 10 kg on pin 3x3 RH & 12.5 kg on pin 3x3 LH.
1H Euro Pinch (42 mm) - 26.5 kg 3x10 seconds LH & 3x6 seconds RH.
Side lateral raise - 3x12
Side lateral raise with cable machine - 2x10

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Fist of Fury

Thursday 3/10/19

Started with grippers in the morning, right hand only, I will only do left hand 1-2 a week.

30 mm block set
#1.5 - 3x5.
#2 - 3x5.
SM BTR - 1x5 seconds.
GBI G5 - 1x1.
Attempt on 152# #3 - couldn't close it, my setting is is off for this set right now.
Vulcan Lvl 11 - 5x10.
Vulcan Lvl 12 - 7, 6, 8.
Did this in a high tempo and got a good pump.


KB swings.
Deadlifts with hook grip.
Seated press - 45 kg - 5x2, 3x3.
COC#3 146# MMS - 3x5 (RH only).
Tricep Superset
1H cable pull / 1H cable push: 10/8, 10/8, 8/6.
Bicep Superset
2H rev wide grip cable curl / 2H wide grip cable curl: 10/8, 10/8, 10/5.
Sandbag lifts and squats - 3 sets.

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Fist of Fury

Friday 4/10/19

Did grippers with right hand, don't remember exactly what I did but I felt weak. I tried Lvl 15 on vulcan with 30 mm block and I missed it with a hair.

Saturday 5/10/19

Seated press - 45 kg 4x2, 4x3.
1H Euro Pinch (42mm) - 26.5 kg 3x3.
1HP 140 mm - 12.5 kg on pin 3x10 seconds LH & 10 kg on pin - 3x6 seconds RH.

Monday 7/10/19

Tried some grippers, did 2 singles with the 153# #3 with LH and RH felt very tired, so I will rest for two weeks from grippers now.
Seated press - 45 kg 3x2, 5x3.
KB swings and light bicep curls
Dumbbell row:
41.35 kg 1x5
56.35 kg 1x5
61.35 kg 1x3
76.35 kg 1x4
81.35 kg 1x4 LH & 1x3 RH

Felt tired and lost interest. I'm going to train less grippers for a while, maybe once a week (after I have rested for two weeks), see if I can get a PR, then after that I will start doing more volume again.


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Fist of Fury

Wednesday 9/10/19

Seated press - 45 kg 2x2, 6x3
some BU cleans with KB.

Thursday 10/10/19

Deadlifts with barbell and with sandbag

Thickbar left hand only
Inch db attempts - 3x2 I can get a tiny bit of air with it, probably need 5-7 kg more strength to be able to lift it.
Inch trainer 68 kg - 3.5 reps.
Inch db negatives - 1x3

25 mm RH deadlift - 102.5 kg 1x1 L&R.
Square rolling handle - 40 kg on pin - 3x10 seconds L & 3x6 seconds RH.

1H Euro pinch - 26.5 kg 3x10 seconds LH & 3x6 seconds RH.
1HP 140 mm - 12.5 kg on pin 3x10 seconds LH & 10 kg on pin 3x6 seconds RH.

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Fist of Fury

Will do a write up on the MM1 process now when the gripper is finally back where it should be again. Swedish postal service didn't make that process easy I can tell you :pinch

Getting certified on the MashMonster ladder was a goal I had for a while but really not worked on as much as I should have done. First time I closed a gripper equal to the MM1 was over two years ago. In order to be able to get the certification I knew I had to be able to do those closes in my sleep basically. So a lot of training was needed. I will do a write-up of my experience in this process of certification. So a wall of text is coming up... ;) 

I started to train more seriously for this back in November last year. It all went really good and I could've easily signed up for the MM1 in March if I wanted to but I got very tired of grippers and grip training, so I didn't bother.

I did some other stuff, started to train at another gym and did some other grip stuff and realized that grippers, plus other types of training actually helped me with thick bar. Got some interest again and ordered an Inch Dumbbell. The thing is glued to the floor unfortunately but I realized what type of training I need to do to be able to lift it one day. So, slowly my interest for grippers came back again. My strength had only dropped off by aproximately 10 lbs, which was a good sign since I was in the low 160's when I stopped training.

I had to buy some grippers again because I had sold all the important grippers I had :D Thanks to @Griparn for selling me three excellent COC#3 grippers!

I started to train with these and they felt easy right from the start, so I decided to sign up for the MM1 right away. Waiting time was very slow, at one point I thought the gripper was lost or something but it was just that Cannon had missed my message. So when I contacted him again he sent me the gripper very quickly. Then I had to wait for two more weeks before it arrived. So in total I had to wait for almost two months from when I signed up until I got the gripper.

These two months was up and down, I felt like my strength was decreasing slowly and steadily. However I never really failed to close my hard #3 so I still had some sort of confidence left in me. Around two weeks before the MM1 arrived I probably did my strongest close ever on a Tetting Elite spring with adjustable handles. About one week before the MM1 arrived I got sick, didn't sleep good and I lost around 3 kg's of bodyweight in around 5-7 days. I did feel quite strong before this though. I did easy reps with 83 kg dumbbell rows two weeks before the MM1 arrived and it was probably with better form than ever before and I was still closing the hard #3, so I was not worried. The last two days before the MM1 arrived was strange. I got serious elbow pain in my right arm, which was very strange because I had not done anything, maybe I was just sleeping wrong, I don't know.

I had elbow pain the entire Sunday and I knew that I would get the MM1 the next day, so it was kinda frustrating to say the least.

When I woke up on Monday all the pain was gone, which was a big relief.

However, I had not been sleeping good and I was still sick. So at this point I was kind of indifferent to how it would turn out. I was definitely hoping that the MM1 wouldn't be harder than the #3 I had been training with at least. But with this kind of preperation I decided not to get angry or disappointed if I would fail.

I was 100% sure that I would be able to close the MM1 if it was the same or easier than my #3. So that gave me some confidence, but of course you never really know how a gripper will feel when you haven't tried it before and you only get three chances and no warmup at all with the gripper before that. So because of that I was definitely a bit nervous.

It all felt very good, did some speed reps with a #2 and did one close with a filed handle and I felt that I would close the MM1 right here. So I started the certification attempts.

First attempt right hand
Closed without too much of a problem, thought about doing two reps but I changed my mind, it's not a smart move because it's hard to know if the video is good or not, it's just better to focus on getting everything done as cleanly as possible for the referees to judge it. I realized that and aborted the second rep to save energy.

First attempt left hand
The set was good here. I actually got 2 whites and 1 red on this (i.e it passed). That surprised me a lot because I definitely thought the video was way too poor. So I went back and reviewed the video, going frame by frame to look at the attempt, maybe the referees saw something I didn't(?) When I reviewed the video I realized that I missed this by the smallest margin possible. So I told Bill not to include me on the off-hand list. It wouldn't feel right to me to be there when the gripper wasn't entirely closed. Below is a still picture from the video, it shows how close it was, and it shows how incredibly difficult it is to judge grippers. It's quite possible that it was closed at some point but this is the only picture I can get from the video which is not blurry.


Second attempt right hand
I tried to set it slightly wider on this attempt and it felt easier than the first attempt. On the first attempt the gripper slipped a bit in my hand, this time I had chalked up much better and I was starting to get warm.

Following attempts was not included in the official video...

Second attempt left hand
Way off. Not much to say here, I didn't have the strength and my technique in left hand has not been feeling good for a long time either. 1-2 mm from being closed.

Third attempt right hand
I didn't not include this in the official video because I wanted the video to be shorter and I was confident that the second attempt was good enough. Below is a video of the third attempt I made, where I managed to do a double. This is how the first attempt should have felt like, my warmup routine was not on point. So I need to work on that. I probably should have done a few singles on my lightest #3 before I started with the MM1.


Third attempt left hand
Way off. Same as second attempt maybe slightly more off, 2-3 mm.

Afterwards I managed to close the gripper with a 30 mm block set and I did 3 reps MMS with it. I did not like this gripper at all, if it was my own gripper I would have sold it immediately :D It has really smooth knurling and a really awkward feeling with a super easy sweep but it binds up a lot at the final part of the close, which of course became extra hard in left hand. It was easy for me to get one rep with it but hard to do reps with for some reason. It also tore my skin, I have not had any skin tears from grippers in over six months until this :laugh

The only regret I have is that I did not train my left hand more. I know I would have closed the MM1 easily if I did, and frankly I have no idea why I stopped training my left hand like I did 1-2 months before the cert day. I just stopped doing it without thinking about it, maybe I was too focused on training my right hand so I forgot about the left, I don't know. Lesson learned I guess.

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Fist of Fury

Sunday 13/10/19

Wasn't supposed to train anything but I was bored so I decided to see where I'm at. Closed adjustable Elite at 160+ and decided to move the handles up more, so it should be around 165+ now. So that will be my next goal.

Also tried the blockbuster, I've barely touched it in over a year now and I managed to get a high pull with 34.10 kg and could a get a little bit of air with 36 kg. Which is the same as my best lift when I was training with it over a year ago, I think this was better since it was a high pull.
I'm kind of happy with that since I haven't trained pinch in a long time. Seems like just doing very low weights with the wide pinch block and euro helps. I'm going to switch to plate curls and wrist work now for two weeks, then go back to train light pinch again after that. Will cycle it like this, so I don't do too much so grippers are starting to suffer.

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Fist of Fury

Monday 14/10/19

Taking a short paus with the pressing as my left shoulder did not agree with my training plan...

KB rows.
Deadlifts with hook grip, these are starting to feel much better, not painful at weights I can pull anymore, which is good.
2" db row 40 kg 3x5.
Inch db - assisted lifts with left hand 3x1 & 3x1 attempts right hand. got some air with the back globe with RH and the assisted lifts with left felt quite good, at least the first two.
Inch trainer - 68 kg 1.8 reps LH & 1 rep RH. I will lower the weight to 66 kg I think.
Sandbag deadlifts with atlas stone technique.
Tricep super set
2H cable pull down/push down - 3x20 need to work very light now because I have problems with my left elbow and I think the triceps is to blame for it.
Bicep super set
2H cable rev close grip/2H cable close grip - 3x10.
Wrist circuit x 3
Plate curl x 3 > 50 mm RH rev wrist curl x 12 > sledge supination x 8 > sledge pronation x 8 > sledge radial deviation x 8 > sledge ulnar deviation x 8.

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